Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2011 Oath of Moment

A belated Happy New Year to you all, I hope that the new decade finds you well, not overly stuffed and needing Mass Cargo Conveyance to remove you from the sofa. Did (insert your choice of anthropomorphic personification of Christmas here) deliver all you had wished for?

I seem to have done rather well in the prezzi stakes this season, that GW wish list did the trick and my good lady must have bribed the Hogfather with her exceedingly good Crimbo Cake, as the painting room is chocker with boxes; hence the delay in posting, it's taken me all week to clear a path to the cogitator!

Bix loves 40k and his missus loves him...ahhh.

So what does the year hold in store for me and The Veil's Edge?

New Shiny Stuff: There's the release of the Storm Raven and Furioso models to look forward to, the new albeit fuzzy photos of the models doing the rounds have really whet my appetite and the rumor mill surrounding the Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle keeps grabbing my attention. I've also been gazing longingly at the Marine Superheavy Fellblades constructed by Machinator over on Warseer so watch this space.

Gaming: The brief but supremely enjoyable Lalinta Prime campaign is winding down, it's earlier than expected and we didn't get to mess with Cities of Death or Planetstrike rules as I had intended; but it's been a great learning experience and has really helped get all of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen back into 40k and up to speed with 5th Ed. I'll hopefully get all the battle reports and associated fluff posted up before we decorate the winner (promises, promises).

Some of the guys are looking at changing armies this year with Pestie returning to where he belongs, amongst the greenskin mayhem of the Orks and Tommo dabbling with the sinister delights of the Dark Eldar. There have also been mutterings about trying out skirmish level games for when (more often than not) gaming time is tight; I may push for a try at Killzone by Big Jim and friends.

Modelling: The list is endless, I want to make a real dent in my Blood Drinker army this year, but hopefully not by dropping more books on them! The long promised transfer/decal experiment will go ahead with some great Rogue Trader era insignia produced and kindly supplied by dzer0.

As you can see from the Crimbo horde above, I've got a load of scenery, both this and the gaming board will be a priority; also maybe, just maybe I'll get my Warhound underway but don't hold me to that.

With all that in mind, the painting area will be getting a much needed expansion with the addition of some shelves.

It's the Servitors day off ok.

Writing: Last but not least there should be plenty more waffle from the Blog, see above for signs of a good start, some more Dark Tales and I'll be pressing on with the 'Drinkers Fandex.

The signal is given, the signal is advance!


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