Thursday, 20 January 2011

Stormravens and Dreadnoughts and Eldar! Oh, my!

So my hunch was right, not that you needed to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, which is fortunate for me; GW have announced the 5th February as the release date of the long awaited Stormraven and the Furioso Dreadnought and don't these kits look the business!

The intro blurb for the Stormraven seems to acknowledge the less than underwhelming response to the first pics we saw of this airborne brute, accepting that pictures can be deceiving.  'You may not be able to tell from the picture but the Stormraven is a huge kit. With a mighty wingspan of almost ten inches and a nose-to-tail measurement of the same length, this vehicle will dominate the battlefield.'

And sums up rather well the look and character that engendered affection in us diehard supporters in the first place.  'I would liken the Stormraven to a brick being thrown through a window with a note attached - it gets the message across with suitably excessive force.'

GW have priced the kit at £41 it has 116 components, that's a few more quid and few less parts than the excellent Valkyrie model, which has 128 components and will undoubtedly make a sizeable dent in next months paycheck. Other sites such as Wayland Games and Total Wargamer are already offering discounts on pre-order. The blurb also states that all the parts of this model will be numbered, which is something I've not noticed GW do before with their kits and feel it's a good step, long overdue.

The Furioso continues the line of excellent multi-part kits and as we already knew from the many leaked sprue pictures it includes options for both the Death Company and Librarian Dreadnoughts. I'm particularly taken with the Librarian sarcophagi, it's look reminding me of Ron's great commission piece, a Space Marine Librarian on a Bike. Maybe even the big boys are taking note of sites such as FTW, who knows perhaps their Sauron like gaze will pass this way once in a while...if so I'd better get the Hoover out.

Anyway, black boxes have been released and hopefully I'll get down to my local store early next week to get a proper look and report back.

Moving on from my delusions of grandeur, Forge World have announced the imminent release of some new Eldar kit in the form of a Shadow Spectres Aspect Warrior Squad and the Warp Hunter, scheduled for the 24th January. In keeping with the rest of the Eldar range these models look exceptional and come with experimental rules which you can find on the FW site here and here.  A brief look at the Spectres stats made me think they look far better than they'll fight, but isn't that the fate of all Eldar? I'm joking of course... but really it's true.

It'll be interesting to talk them over with the Gents resident Eldar player Will and see what he makes of the new additions.

Right I'm off to clean some minis that have been sat way too long in the green (I do hope they haven't melted) I'm going to need all the Ebay sales I can, to generate funds for all these new, oh so shiny things.

And I mock Apple Addicts....sigh!

Pictures featured taken from Games Workshop & Forge World websites, used without permission, copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2010


Papa JJ said...

Wow, numbered pieces! Really? That would be a great development for sure. These plastic kits are more impressive with each new release, best of luck to you with those eBay sales!

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