Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Cards from the Edge

Having managed to bag a weeks leave over the holiday season for the first time in years, you would have thought I'd have had a load of time on my hands, some of which I could devote to the Blog. But festive duties have overtaken me, last minute wrapping of presents, tree decorating and the obligatory family visits have left little time in front of the cogitator.

But lets face it, with gifts to be opened, mountains of food to be scoffed and a few too many bottles of booze to be quaffed; does anyone really want to be glued to the Net at this time of year?
Not me that's for sure, well at least until someone suggests a game of Monopoly then I shall be making my excuses and fleeing to the painting room; get the family round that board and it makes the Drop Site Massacre of Istvaan V look like a tea party.

I'm really happy with how The Veils Edge has been progressing and it's encouraging to see its readership growing; a heartfelt thanks to all those who have dropped by. Through the 40k Blogosphere I've made some great new contacts and learnt a wealth of new skills and tips; which hopefully, if I pull my finger out, I can put into practice with some projects next year. Both my Warhound 'Ultim Umbra' and my gaming board are still pending and progress on both my Blood Drinker army and their Dex has been slower than I'd hoped.

Still as a little green ball of kick arse Jedi mastery would tell you; learn patience you must.

So just before I return to the festivities and hopefully to a bumper bag of 40k related goodies (it's the thought that counts children, but it helps if everyone got mailed my Games Workshop gift list) I wish you all a very happy Candlemass, especially those who through duty or circumstance can't be with your loved ones; be safe and may you get home soon.

Merry Crimbo, that is all.


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