Thursday, 29 September 2011

UK Games Day 2011 : Pt II Selection of Golden Demon Entries

As it says on the tin, a picture is worth a Thousand Sons...sorry, words; here is a selection of 40k entries from the Golden Demon cabinets at last Sundays UK Games Day 2011. The bar was once again high although I thought the volume of quality pieces was much reduced from previous years, not sure why that may be as I don't enter; any thoughts?

Monday, 26 September 2011

UK Games Day 2011 : Pt I Forge World Studio Pictures

The sun has set on another years Games Day; I'm back from a rain drenched Birmingham, foot sore, tired and with a much lighter wallet. I was planning to hold off on posting for a few days and cover the event in depth as I did for the blogs inaugural post on UKGD 2010.

Sadly despite being a sellout gig this year, having a well padded official program, both of which I saw as good omens promising much; Games Day 2011 was...well a little Meh!

It wasn't a bad day out, it was just lacking in wow factor, there just wasn't all that much on show and a distinct lack of new product to tease the paintbuds; perhaps we were spoilt last year with the Dark Eldar. (I wouldn't know, somehow I missed them!)

Anyway, I still managed to take plenty of pics and those that I messed up were mostly duplicated by Will and kindly given to me, cheers mate. Over the next couple of days I'll endeavour to bring you what was on offer, for those of you who couldn't make it...or were stranded in the queue for the sales hall!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Books in Brief : Tales of Heresy (Anthology)

Again the Black Library denies us any forward momentum of the main Heresy story arc and instead offers an anthology of short stories, most with little if anything to do with the actual 'far from' Civil War. But this can be forgiven when, for the most part, the stories are of such fine quality and provide new insight into ideas and institutions of the 31st Millennium, so often drowned out by the thunder of Bolters.

Blood Games by Dan Abnett

No one does openings quite like Dan Abnett, in a few brief lines he illuminates the surface of ancient Terra giving detail to various geographic regions and at the same time plunging the reader straight into a gripping piece of espionage and assassination where all is not as it seems. The story fleshes out the crème Del la crème of the Emperors forces, his personal security detail, the Adeptus Custodes and in 50 pages we are treated to information on them, the Throne Worlds preparations for war and the surprisingly diverse nature of culture and politics still in existence there.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Postcards from the Edge

A delayed but somewhat fitting Postcard today. I'm currently embarked on another leg of the 'Grand Tour', Warp Storms and the state of the Imperial Treasury mean that for me it has to be experienced in bite sized chunks.

Having failed to find a local Astropath who could understand at least a fraction of my butchery of their native tongue; I've finally found a semi decent upload site to send this message Broadwave, in the interests of letting you guys know the reason for the resumption of infrequent posts.

On my return, fat on culture and pasta, I should hopefully have plenty lined up to see the month out. Just prior to my departure I took delivery of a whole heap of scenery bits from various sources for the Gaming Table project and my pewter piping set has arrived from the Dragon Forge Store so the Griffon project can now be resumed.

Also 'The Edge' will be a year old with the coming of UK Games Day, if all goes to plan I'll be celebrating with another trip and full report from this years event.

Right I'm off to try and find a potion that'll hopefully remove me from the menu of the local nasties. What do they eat when they can't get tourist!?

Thanks, that is all.

PS: Apologies for the lack of links & usual format, I'm learning rapidly that my iPad although very shiny and useful, has it's limitations.