Saturday, 8 January 2011

A DIY Success and a near IT Disaster

The shelves are up in the painting room and they're not half bad, even if I do say so myself, hurrah! Crosses one objective off the long list; so the years off to a good start. Now my host of unfinished projects and half painted miniatures can glower down and motivate me with a mixture of guilt and the threat overloading the brackets; damn you plasterboard walls.

Flushed with this success I embarked upon an expansion of the Blog, my thoughts were, new year new look and there were a few bits that since its inception I've been meaning to adjust. Foolish mortal...

This exercise nearly ended in total disaster when I thought it would be a great idea to change The Veil's template; my technical ineptitude knows no bounds; if this was the 41st millennium, the Cult Mechanicus would have an exterminatus order out on me as an affront to the Omnissiah.

With the template changed, half the Blog and all it's gadgets vanished, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as I feebly tried to reinstate my backed up copy of the original template, which I had only had the foresight to do because of the big red lettering urging me to (thank you Blogger). This was not as easy as you might think as the new template appeared to have eaten all of the Blogs access tabs, it was only through luck that I managed to re-open the tab via Explorer, whew saved!

So, sorry if you happened to be reading last night and got caught up in the mayhem; next time I try a stunt like that I'll employ some Grots with large wrenches as they'll do a far better job than I. With that said, I will be adjusting a couple of gadget headings and perhaps adding a couple of new ones tonight; I've been meaning to add an area for podcasts ever since Big Jim's Galaxy in Flames put me onto Deepstrike Radio which I have very much enjoyed despite their various technical issues (who am I to judge?)


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