Friday, 6 July 2012

Postcards from the Edge

Been a couple of months since I've sent a Postcard so time for a little catch up; lets get the Big One out the way first, the release of 6th Edition. I got hold of my copy a little later than many, due to some bad planning and a misdirected email, but perhaps a little earlier than some; Admiral Drax was one of the unfortunates to suffer a delay despite making his pre order slot, you can read his tale of woe and rather good letter to GW here.

I've managed to give it a bit of a skim through, I've also had a look at the updated FAQ for the Blood Angels over on the GW site (the only bump in the road as it looks a bit rushed out) and I sat in on a small game between two of The Gents Will (Grey Knights) and Tomo (Imperial Guard).