Blood Drinkers Fandex

"Blood is Life."
Listed here are my ongoing efforts to create a Fandex for the Blood Drinkers Chapter, filling it full of fluff and win (or should that be wind?) to bind together the few scraps of canon information that exist on one of the original, but scarcely written about, Rogue Trader Chapters.

It is a labour of love, the culmination of many years work and for those of you to whom the subject matter holds interest, I hope that you will get as much benefit and enjoyment from reading the material as I have writing it.

                                                        "For he today who sheds his blood with me
                                                         shall be my brother" - William Shakespeare, Henry V

Updated 01/11/11

Origins : The Founding of the Chapter
The Deep Places of the World : Chapter Fortress
Born of Blood : The Creation of a Blood Drinker
Order of Battle : Chapter Organisation
Angels and Demons : The Legacy of Sanguinius
Days of Thunder : Chapter Honours

Fandex cover artwork features 'By Lord Dante's Command' by Matthew Bradbury