Saturday, 22 January 2011

Forty First's Famous Faces

Following on from my recent post of Jan 11th featuring artwork by David Gallagher, with a Blood Angel who looked a lot like Christopher Lee as Count Dracula. And further inspired by Bryan's latest Rogue Trader Fridays post over on FTW; where b.smoove quite rightly pointed out the presence of Al Pacino's Tony Montana within the ranks of the Dark Angels. (I'm also going for a record amount of links in one paragraph btw).

I thought I'd pose the question; what other famous faces have made their way into the 41st Millennium? I'll start the ball rolling with one other that I know of and that's John Blanches portrait of Jac Draco using Sean Connery's Marko Ramius.

Anyone got anymore?

And just in case the well runs dry on that one a little quickly, lets reverse it and ask who would you like to see portray your favourite characters from 40k?

A whimsical post I know, but hey it's the weekend and I'm working, what were you expecting, substance?


Papa JJ said...

That's a fun challenge, unfortunately however I'm drawing a blank on anymore hidden famous faces. For the other option, how about casting Clint Eastwood as Commissar Yarrick? I think he would look suitably old and grizzled to play that role.

Bix said...

Hi Papa JJ, welcome to the Veil's Edge and thanks for posting.

Yeah I'm having trouble thinking of anymore,the second part has got legs though. I really like your suggestion of Eastwood, it would be fitting for the man who made Harry Callahan (partly the inspiration for Judge Dredd) to play the indomitable Commissar Yarrick.

Munky said...

Well I knew that GW were good a "borrowing" stuff from history, but that really takes the biscuit!

Very cool post by the way I'd never noticed that before!

Anonymous said...

There's a zombie that looks a lot like Robin Williams... Not on the front of the box, maybe wrapped around the side. For sure in the same (uncropped) picture.

Bix said...

@ Munky, welcome to the Edge mate, thanks for taking the time. Yeah I suppose it's true that life really does imitate art and vice versa.

What do you mean borrowing? I thought all those Guard regiments were true originals! ;o)

@ Anon, greetings also, I think I know the one you are talking about; left hand side of the picture? Sadly I can't find a photo on the Net that gives enough clarity to confirm.

If I have time going to scour some of my 40k art books to see if I can track down some more famous faces. But continuing on from Papa JJ's suggestion I'd like to forward the following actors for some of Gaunt’s Ghosts.

Liam Neeson as Corbec
Christian Bale as Rawne
Tim Roth as Larkin
Jason Statham as Brostin
Andy Serkis as Feygor

Archon Brax said...

Well of course there is the obvious Sylvester Stalone as Sly Marbo.

Bix said...

Hi Brax, you are so right and thanks for your suggestion which quite cannily covers both sections of the topic.

I searched around for some Stallone inspired Marbo art and found this on Lexicanum.

And this posted by aka_mythos over on Dakka Dakka.

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