Books in Brief

Books not Ooks!...Oh never mind, do you have a copy of Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley?
Books in Brief is an ongoing series of reviews of 40k literature, they aren't intended to be in depth discourses on the material and there hopefully won't be any spoilers. I've been caught out far too many times by other reviews that have given the game away, to the ruin of my reading pleasure and I won't visit that tragedy upon those of you who visit the Edge.

These are just brief thoughts on the general quality of the story / author and whether I enjoyed and recommend it; as always I'd be happy to hear your thoughts and for any authors I happen to offend, pop on over to my Dark Tales page where you may exact some revenge.

                                                   "Choose an author as you choose a friend." Arthur Helps

Updated 20/09/13

The Horus Heresy

Horus Rising by Dan Abnett
False Gods by Graham McNeill
Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter
The Flight of the Eisenstein by James Swallow
Fulgrim by Graham McNeill
Descent of Angels by Mitchel Scanlon
Legion by Dan Abnett
Battle for the Abyss by Ben Counter
Mechanicum by Graham McNeill
Tales of Heresy (Anthology)
Fallen Angels by Mike Lee
A Thousand Sons by Graham McNeill
Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett
Nemesis by James Swallow
The First Heretic by Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Age of Darkness (Anthology)
The Outcast Dead by Graham McNeill
Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe
Know No Fear by Dan Abnett
The Primarchs (Anthology)
Fear to Tread by James Swallow

Space Marines

The Blood Angels Omnibus by James Swallow
Red Fury by James Swallow

Picture featured 'The Librarian' by Paul Kidby, copyright Terry & Lynn Pratchett also Paul Kidby.