Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Blown Away : Vehicle Destroyed Craters

Been meaning to get this review up for a while now (sorry for the delay Magnus) but as usual my attention decided to go out for a drink with my imagination and caught the wrong bus home; yes I've been tinkering with the 'Drinkers fandex again.

At the beginning of the month I took delivery of an order of markers that represent craters following a Vehicle Explodes result on the damage table.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rising Damp : Making a Wet Palette

No Wet Leopards were harmed during the making of this post.
Fairly short post today as I have it appears, located my painting mojo. Whilst I have the little critter pinned down and muzzled, I'm cracking on with my marines and a tactical squad is nearing completion...for that I'll allow myself a little Huzzah!

What I did want to share with you is a handy tool that is aiding my return to painting, the Wet Palette. It's another one of those things I was aware of but never got round to trying out until now and I'm not exaggerating when I say this simple device is a revelation.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Anyone for Seconds? : Tyranids and Space Wolves New Release Pics Pt II

Seems like the blogosphere is not done serving up delicious morsels of the impending Tyranid and Space Wolf releases just yet; so tuck in your napkin and perhaps loosen your belt a notch, here comes a second helping.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Look Who's Coming to Dinner : Tyranid and Space Wolves New Release Pics

The pics from the Italian edition of March's White Dwarf are spreading across the Blogosphere like the Life-eater Virus across the surface of a planet. Except while one brings the promise of a horrible and certain death, the other brings sometimes blurry but none the less exciting pictures of new 40k goodness.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Pressing Matters : Green Stuff Press Moulds Pt I

With Valentines Day all done and dusted and with a few brownie points banked for not only remembering the significance of the day, but actually buying my good lady a card to acknowledge the fact (sometimes I amaze even myself). I trotted off into the forge to tend to my 'other' relationship in an attempt to get my creative mojo fired back up; this was quite a challenge as my hallowed work space currently resembles the Death Star trash compactor.

However inspiration was at hand for not only had I bought my beloved a card, I had also splashed out on some cup cakes for her sweet tooth! (Truly I am a God amongst Husbands!)

With the thought of baking firmly in my mind, I decided to turn my hand to some press moulding; having seen this done on many blogs and youtube tutorials over the past few years I've been meaning to have a crack at it.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Books in Brief : Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett

Bold, original, unexpected and totally gripping; Dan Abnett produces another awesome piece of work. This novel of course follows the story arc of the opposing force in the fall of the Thousand Sons, the legendary Space Wolves and as such is a literary travelling companion with Graham McNeill's A Thousand Sons.

What struck me first was the very different tone given by Dan to his 'Saga' in direct opposition to Graham's; the bright, civilised quest for knowledge and understanding versus the cold hard darkness of brute survival. This is used to excellent effect by both authors; which banner would you place above Loyalist and Traitor?

The decision to tell the Wolves story through the eyes of an outsider was a risk that I thought paid dividends; it enables a questioning and analysis of the Son's of Russ which would be totally out of place if told from the point of view of one of their own and it brought to mind the film The 13th Warrior (although that production could have used a little Abnett magic).

The development of the story teller from Historian Remembrancer to 'Skald' is in total keeping with Dan's take on the Wolves; these Astartes are not the Viking caricatures (just lacking their comic book horned helmets) of past 40k novels. These are warriors who would not be out of place in Old Norse literature, the motivations and themes addressed would be immediately recognisable to a writer of that period such as Snorri Sturluson.

I've heard many balk at Dan's reinvention of the Space Wolves, but fail to understand why; he enriches them beyond measure. The Rout as we come to know them, are aptly named for they are the bloody executioners of the Emperor and this book ramps up their feral savagery and barbaric bluntness, but in turn reveals within them an intellectual awareness and a deep meaningful culture. There is delight in discovering these hidden qualities and I really appreciated the time devoted to the exploration.

One minor quibble is that Mr Abnett appears to have developed Mr McNeill's nasty habit of overusing a descriptive word and although 'Wet Leopard Growl' is wonderfully evocative, it is used to the point of tedium. I'm not even sure Wolves make that kind of noise...ah but of course, there are no Wolves on Fenris ;o)

That aside, this book is epic; from the trademark cinematic opening to the fan boy twist at the end that had me punching the air with glee, I half wish I had a Space Wolf army now!