Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Postcards from the Edge

Time to check in with those of you still monitoring this channel for signs of life, letting you know that the Emperor's light still burns in my little corner of the Blogosphere albeit on minimal power setting.

My Hobby time has been on restricted duty since the birth of our daughter; compound that life changing event with a shift pattern that was custom designed to hinder the 40k hobbyist and a long term case of 'Slow Painter's Syndrome'. It all makes for poor reading I'm sorry to say.

Like many in our community (most will have read and some written similar posts) I'm still wrestling with the logistics of actually sitting back down at the painting table and getting a game in seems an insurmountable challenge at present; but I am determined to keep a firm grip on our beloved Hobby this time and not let it fall by the wayside as I did back in the middling years of Third Edition (a career enforced lapse that in the light of my current commitments appears quite trivial).