Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Stormraven in the pipe, five by five!

Got home from work today to find my January issue of White Dwarf on the door mat, it's arrival lifting my weary spirits, I'm still acclimatising to the new working year, how about you? I was also cheered to see that it remained fully intact, despite Merlin our resident moggy eyeing the rodent festooned cover with cold contempt that threatened a short future full of claws, teeth and use as a litter tray.

Yes, unsurprisingly this months issue is a mostly Skaven affair, with Dark Eldar dominating the 40k sections with both tactics discussion and featured army articles; all very nice, but being a Marine player I'm always looking for the latest in custom bolters or what power armour colours are 'in vogue' for the spring offensive.

A brief skim through brought me to the back page and oh happy days! Announced with a blast from the past full page spread of the 3rd edition Blood Angels codex cover (the one with Christopher Lee's Dracula cleverly featured as a Marine, have a look at the pic and see if you agree); next month will bring Skies of Blood and the Blood Angels will descend!

Just me then?

That to my mind can only mean one thing, the imminent release of the Stormraven, which would make sense with the recent picture leaks and the now confirmed April release of the Grey Knights; oh GW you cunning devils, you had a plan all along.

Now all I need to do is devise a tactic to stop it getting shot down the minute it breaks atmo. Hmm...

Picture featured 'Blood Angels 3rd edition Codex' by David Gallagher, copyright Games Workshop Ltd and of course the legendary Sir Christopher Lee CBE, CStJ as Dracula, copyright Hammer Films


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