Monday, 30 April 2012

Postcards from the Edge

First up I'd like to say a big thank you to all those who took part in my latest eBay Auction, bidding was brisk and pretty much everything on the ledgers found a buyer. I had a bit of an unfortunate snag in my usual prompt dispatch times on some of the items, but thanks to the good nature and understanding that seems to pervade the Hobby; all those affected tolerated the delay with good grace.

There may or may not be another auction soon (yes I still keep finding stuff, gives you an idea just how untidy the Forge was) as the Royal Mail has seen fit to raise its considerable fees on postal rates to possibly crippling levels; I'll let you know.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Painting by Numbers : Using a Painting Chart

About a month ago I mentioned I was putting together a painting chart to assist with both organising and motivating my Blood Drinker Strike Force project. Well surprisingly enough, I've actually got on and finished it...the chart that is, not the project (softly, softly, catchee Jokaero, as they say); still I hope it's fairly swift output can be taken as a sign of things to come.

Friday, 13 April 2012

A Trip to Bartertown : eBay Sale

A short and shameless plug today for my current eBay Auction; The Lampyridae is in port and her Captain, the Rogue Trader Mal'aki Reinhold, is eager to clear her holds of artefacts 'liberated' from the obscure reaches of The Veil's Edge and avoid any Inquisitorial entanglements.

Ok artistic license aside, I found a couple more boxes of old miniatures in my most recent sweep of the Forge and I've managed to get the majority up on eBay (even with the help of turbo lister, it’s a chore).

There is a bit more, but it's currently doing a stint in green solution or awaiting photography; hopefully I'll get the rest of it listed before the 30th of April deadline when Royal Mail ups postage to bank breaking levels, with the possibility of ending my occasional dalliances with trading.

Picture featured 'Rogue Trader RPG cover' by Andrea Uderzo

Monday, 2 April 2012

Forge World Open Day 2012 : An Unexpected Journey

Due to a last minute outbreak of goodwill in the Departmento Munitorium (either that or a data loom blew out) I ended up with an unexpected day off today and as luck would have it, my darling wife suggested that I had earned enough brownie points for a day pass of my choice. There was only one place I needed to be and with a roll of here eyes she nodded understanding; 'Go on then, off you go to Weirdy World.'

So it was that I set out early doors for a journey up to Nottingham and the Warhammer World hosted event of Forge World Open Day. Here follows my account of the day, some scraps of information and a few photos...well you didn't just drop by for my charming banter did you?  ;o)