Sunday, 30 January 2011

Postcards from the Edge

The end of the month is almost upon us and as I sit trying to figure out quite how Old Father Time has managed to swindle me out of a couple of weeks, I swear he's getting better at it with each passing year the crafty bugger; I realise that I haven't sent a postcard, how remiss of me.

It's been a busy few weeks for the blog, following it's near demise by my hand at the start of the month; I've got the 'Edge up on both Librarium Online and House of Paincakes blog networks, a special thanks to Lauby from HoP for the warm welcome and to Roger from LO for sorting out that technical issue (there's that hand again, lethal I tell you!)

These have added to the already great association I've been enjoying with FTW and BoLS.

The readership continues to grow and in turn so does my exposure to some truly excellent blogs, thanks guys as always for your support and comments. If you, the reader, happen to be passing by for the first time, why not take a detour via some of these other blogs, you'll find them down on the right, listed under the catchy title 'The Emperor's Chosen' just be sure to pop back now you hear.

I've added a couple of links to sites that I've found invaluable when doing research for writing stories, campaign backgrounds etc.. Most of you will know them well, but for those that don't and are interested check out Schola Progenium and Lexicanum for much fluff goodness. Also I've put up a link to Scibor Miniatures in the 'Munitorium' section, I purchased a 60mm round base and a couple of reliefs off them early last year and was very impressed with the quality. I plan to get some more from them soon and do a proper review; hopefully GW's legal battle with Chapterhouse Studios doesn't signal the end for companies such as this.

The December sale of the Praetorian boxed set turned a tidy sum, a portion of which I've just invested in a 6'x4' battlemat from Mat-O-War which I intend to cut and fix to my two gaming boards; the order went in today and I'll post up a review and link (should it pass muster) once it gets here from the Emerald Isle.

There's more, but He's done it again and it's now way past slippers and warm milk hour; to quote a rather deranged El-Aurian with a penchant for destroying planets and spouting American poetry. 'Time is the fire in which we burn.'

One to beam up, that is all.


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