Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Tales from the Dark Millennium : Lalinta Prime Pt III

Through a Glass Darkly
Alanthrasil watched impassively as the two Tzeentch Strike Cruisers, Waning Moon and Golden Dawn bore down on the hideously bloated corruption that was the Death Guard Capital Ship Plagueclaw; its wretched picket ships entangled in the debris of their recent victims, now a swirling mass of mutated color conjured by some fell warp magic.

He could hear the vessels chanting their names and extolling the false virtues of their masters through the ether. The power of their twisted words made his temples ache and he noted a few spots of blood had fallen from his nose onto his fine robes.

The Eldar ship on which he stood, the Shadow Cruiser Anaris was hidden behind Holo Shields, screening itself from the battling enemy ships as it hung in the graveyard of the attempted evacuation by the highborn Mon-Keigh from this world.

A flash of snaking iridescent color drew his eyes back to the portal, as the Tzeentch cruisers tore at Plagueclaw’s putrid hide with sorceress energies. The Claw responded, its entire starboard side rippling as hundreds of pustules ruptured filling the void between the ships with a hurtling wave of plague bearing torpedoes.

He became aware of another presence standing close behind him; how was it she always managed that, to be a phantom amongst ghosts?

“Morai-Heg smiles on us honored Esdainn.” Alanthrasil said turning away from the portal to face his silent companion.“They shall do us the service of destroying each other.”With that he allowed himself a faint smile.

The Spiritseer Eminielle studied Alanthrasil’s face for a moment, regarding him with dark eyes the depth of ancient night, eyes that looked far beyond the flesh into the very essence of the spirit.

“You have much to learn about fate and the Great Enemy young Fain; but learn you will. I fear this day your youthful optimism will not be granted with sweet fruit.” The seer replied.

Eminielle stepped beside Alanthrasil and briefly looked out of the portal.

“Many of the sorcerers have already made landfall and the pestilent ones will soon follow. The Losseainn of the Mon-Keigh draw close, all is shadow. “The Spiritseer turned back to Alanthrasil sadness etched on her face.

“I go to join great Eldanesh and his forces on the surface, I must make haste as the way cannot be held open for much longer without risk to the ship. I would have words but there is no time; ensure that the ship supports the Losseainn assault, it is crucial to our plans. ”

With that she placed a delicate hand upon Alanthrasil’s shoulder where it lingered a moment. She then turned and walked swiftly and silently away.

Alanthrasil watched her go, a great ache in his heart and words of parting on his lips. Finally as Eminielle  faded into shadow, he found his voice.


Picture featured 'Alaitoc Farseer' by Kunkka


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