Monday, 1 November 2010

Postcards from the Edge

Three months into this blogging lark and the Veil's Edge is shaping up nicely; I've been adding a few more links mainly for ease of access to other sites and resources I frequent, but also for a little more exposure for the blog as it's always nice to have occasional company out here on the Edge.

Painting has sadly taken a back seat to getting the blog up to speed, catching up with my gaming commitments (from which I have a host of battle reports that I need to file) and a whole heap of real life stuff; but then as a Scottish immortal on a rowing boat once discovered, it's all about balance.

I've picked up two 4'x3' MDF boards, kindly given to me by my mate Will; so that's a gaming table project added to the list of objectives to juggle. The saga of my DIY trials and tribulations should make for entertaining reading as I try to add my little corner of England to our choice of our gaming venues.

And finally, I'm slowly leafing through the Gaunt's Ghosts novels, up to Straight Silver right now; gripping stuff but things like work keep getting in the way. So Mr Abnett if you please, take a holiday, I'll catch up presently and then you may continue writing.

Thanks that is all.


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