Monday, 25 October 2010

The Angels Tarot : Psychic Power Cards for the Blood Angels Codex

I can't believe a week has gone by since my last post, though I have been busy creating a few new pages on the blog for the purpose of archiving; so I've excused myself from penance for now.

Today I'm posting up some cards I made, again utilising great artwork found online (please see my disclaimer at the foot of the blog); to represent the psychic powers from the 5th Edition Blood Angel Codex. I use them for my Blood Drinker Chapter but obviously they would be relevant to any son's of Sanguinius.

The idea behind them was that I always liked the 2nd Edition wargear and psychic cards, I can be quite forgetful and usually have enough scribbled notes and scraps of paper along the gaming table edge to keep Keyser Soze talking for days!

The 2nd Ed cards were smart and made for easy reference, so with that in mind I knocked these up to have a clear reminder of what powers my Librarians have in a particular game and also they can be placed on the table to mark powers that are in play and by whom.

It took me a fair while to find what I considered to be fitting pictures for each power and one in particular (The Blood Lance) I'm still not quite happy with, but so much to do so little time. They were cobbled together using Paint, which is about the limit of my picture editing skills.


On the reverse I note a basic summary of how the power works, for those games where you've got to turn six and you're struggling to remember the name of your Primarch. The cards were then run through a laminator for a bit of durability. Anyway just a little idea on how you can both personalise and organise some of your gaming kit.

Some of the pictures used 'Sanguinius holding the Gate on Terra' by David Sondered , 'Blood Angel' by Nick Kay , 'Angels of Death' by Geoff Taylor , 'Cherubael' by Adrian Smith , 'Mephiston' by Mark William Smith , 'Grey Knight' by Mark Gibbons .


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