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The Draco Sector - Welcome to the neighbourhood

This is the first in what I plan to be a series of posts focusing on a region of the 40k universe that I have created. It started out a simple objective to find some galactic real-estate to base my Blood Drinkers Chapter in; but over the years the piles of scribbled notes full of musings and meanderings (long night shifts are fertile ground for such things) began to take on a life of their own.

As I mentioned in my opening post 'Founding' in Sept, it has been and still is a labor of love which I work on in tandem with the Chapter Codex; it serves as a diversion for me on those days when the painting demon has taken a day off with my mojo and great source material for both painting and gaming.

I do it for fun and see it as an extension to the hobby; some of you may have seen bits of the work before, especially the maps on other sites, although they've been tweaked since; I've posted extracts on Bolter & Chainsword and Paul's Painting Emporium in the past. Hopefully my Blog will serve as a repository for all my ramblings allowing me to archive them for ease of access and it'll allow me to clear out several box folders of faded, coffee stained Post-it notes, which will please my good lady.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER (inspired by a very sound one I read over on The Astronomican.)
 During the process of creating maps and other related visual 'fluff' for my projects; I've used images scoured from the net, those that I can I will give due credit to but please accept that many I have had for quite sometime and their origin is now lost to me. No offence or infringement is intended and if any owners object I will do my upmost to oblige by removing the offending item. This and my other work are purely aimed at enriching the 40k community and I hope all will enjoy it in that spirit. Many thanks.

To the project then and a brief intro, I chose the Segmentum Tempestus as a stomping ground, as at the time it was suitably remote and mysterious with plenty of room for expanded 'fluff'; little did I know the Nids would become neighbours from hell very soon after. I've dated my charts and kicked off current affairs around the 400's M41 because in gaming terms my friends and I missed out on a whole lot of big events in our time away from 40k and I thought it would be good to literally 'play' catch up.

*Cue THX enhanced sound and gravel throated voice over man*....'Welcome to the Draco Sector.'


Galactic Position
The Draco Sector is located far to the galactic south along the rimward fringe of the Segmentum Tempestus, at the very edge of the Imperium. The Segmentum Capital at Bakka is many months warp travel to trailing and the sectors southern reaches border the wilds of The Veiled Region, where the Astronomican fades to but a whisper.

Imperial archaeologists have found compelling evidence of widespread human settlement in several of the sectors systems, estimated to date back possibly as early as M23. Early Administratum records show that the region entered the Imperium during The Great Crusade, after the prevelant pre-imperial human power, the Coricyn Dominion ceded its territories to an Expedition Fleet of the God-Emperor; compliance was completed and the sector formally recognised in 950.M30.

The Draco Sector was so named, after the stable warp corridor known locally as the Dragons Spine that spans its length; it was divided into five sub-sectors centered around the translation points of the spine, these were Typhon, Scatha, Glaurung, Fafnir and Laverna; the sector capital at that time was established on the old Coricyn home world of Bellerophon.

During the Heresy the sector remained in loyalist hands and reletively unscathed despite uprisings along the Typhon Sub's border with the Vulturnus Gulf; this greatly benefitted the region in the Great Scouring that was to follow. As resources in the fractured Imperium were at a premium, the Draco Sectors largely untouched infrastructure was able to capitalise on the supply demands of the counter offensive, bringing great wealth and power to its noble houses and corporations.

In 021.M31 the Second Founding saw the establishment of a Blood Angel Successor Chapter, the Blood Drinkers. The Chapter claimed the planet of San Guisuga in the Helios system of the Scatha Sub; increasing the sectors military importance by several orders of magnitude and brining further prestige to those in a position to know of it's secret existence.

For the next four millennia the sector enjoyed prominent status within the Segmentum and basked in the Golden Age of the Imperium. In M35 a warp storm of epic proportions erupted in the Laverna Sub tearing apart the local star Moloch and swallowing most of its surrounding system; the loss of these mining worlds cost millions of lives and robbed the sectors industrial powerhouses of a rich supply of raw materials. The aftershock from the storms birth also disrupted warp travel in the region for several centuries effectively cutting off the Laverna Sub and severely hampering trade throughout the sector. The storm that brought so much calamity still rages to this day and has become known as the Nimbus Tormentum.

In M36 the sectors fortunes were in steep decline, the rot of heresy set in and during the late years of The Age of Apostasy in a period known as The Plague of Unbelief, the sector capital Bellerophon was the centre of an uprising in support of the heretic Cardinal Bucharis. The revolt plunged the whole sector into bloody conflict and both the Glaurung and Fafnir Sub's were lost for over a decade. The heresy was eventually quelled a year after the death of Bucharis, by Imperial forces supported by several companies of Blood Drinkers recently returned from fighting on the Hive World of Vaust in the Segmentum Pacificus.

The then Blood Drinker Chapter Master Avicus, considered the uprising a smear upon his honour and led the liberation of Bellerophon personally with brutal fury; such was the destruction wrought on the planet it has never truly recovered. The title of Capitalis Sectorus passed to the planet Isis in the Typhon Sub, which had acted as the wartime capital during the troubles.

The Draco Sector today has regained some of its status through moderate stability and good trade, although still a shadow of its former glory; it has many heavily populated and important worlds. Like so much of the Imperium in these dark times of the 41st millennium it must ultimately fend for itself against a myriad of threats from without and within its borders. Dark Eldar raiders are an increasing peril, striking frequently from their accursed webway portals and The Laverna Sub has ceased to be, having slipped from Imperial control; it has become the Laverna Marches a lawless stretch of space, travelled by Rogue Traders, home to Pirates and far worse.

The sectors Imperial forces stand ever vigilant against the encroaching darkness, bloodied but unbowed, hoping against hope that this, The Time of Ending is not as many have prophesied, humanities last stand.


Galactic Map (Segmentum Tempestus) created by Huân Vu and Simon Tunnat, 2005, edited by Chris Simpson 02-May-2008 from the Lexicanum.
Blood Drinker Chapter insignia copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2010
Draco Sector Map created by Bix 2010


Gotthammer said...

Nice to see another background nut on the FTW roll :)

Impressive work you've got there, and I know what you mean about the night shifts!

Do you use the map to fight over certain worlds beforehand, or assign the battle to a place after?

Bix said...

Us nuts have to stick together you know; remember it's not us it's them, they refuse to hear but we know, yes we know the truth of 'Fluff'! ;)

Sorry what was the question? Ah yes, as yet I haven't let my friends in to wreck the system. We're currently fighting around the edges but I suppose I'll have to let them loose sooner or later.

But I do choose a world first and then set the battles upon it, rather than the other way around.I like having a background to our scraps, lets me know what I'm fighting for as I'm more in it for the fun rather than the win, though winning is always nice.

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