Saturday, 9 October 2010

Autumn Offensive

Current projects filling up the painting table. I've got two squads of previously painted Blood Drinkers, one Devastator, one Vanguard Veteran that I'm tweaking. This is due mainly because I've finally rolled over and accepted that the Chapter Insignia is now a black chalice rather than the old yellow icon.

Though I'll never accept the retcon away from 2nd founding; they've been around since RT show some respect for your elders *wags finger in the general direction of Nottingham* they're called a Successor Chapter for a reason Mr Ward!

I've decided to try decals as I'm a slow enough painter already and insignia just slow me down all the more, plus I've always been frustrated by the variable size and shape of my hand painted markings. I'll be using a set I downloaded from Bolter & Chainsword's Old Decal Project by Kurgan the Lurker, I think they look better than the new Forge World set; also some generic squad markings.

The plan is to bring the 4th Co Devs up to spec and alter the 1st Co Vanguard Vets to become a standard 4th Co Assault Squad, mainly because since I've painted these guys (over ten years ago), GW has brought out some far better figures to represent Veterans.

Once they're done I've got a company's worth of old Mk Ib Rhino's, some re-sprayed from my old black and grey cammo ( from the days when Marines favored stealth and didn't just stand around shouting out how awesome they are ) and a couple that still need building. This may be a background project for the coming months, I'm not sure I can face them in one long stint.

I've got two squads of Death Company, a Forge World Chaplain Dreadnought for the DC also and a couple of Drop Pods, one earmarked for the Dread.

Once I've got the feel of assembling FW kits and upped my confidence I have another background project that I've been putting off for nearly a year because I haven't felt I've got the chops to do it justice. My good friend Tommo got me the awesome Crimbo / Wedding Gift of a Mars Pattern Imperial Warhound Titan! It would be nice if I could get this underway before the rapidly approaching festive season.

So to the Forge!


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