Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tank Buster: A lesson in where not to store your models

Tuesday had been a good day all told, the sun had shone, work had been light and ended early; I arrived back at home with plenty of time before my better half would return, perfect for catching up with emails, forums and blogs.

Fortune however can be a fickle thing, as any of us who have ever dared roll a dice know only too well; the day was about to turn and bite me, quite literally in the arse.

In answering a forum post I had cause to reference something from the Imperial Armour Apocalypse book; post replied to, I returned the weighty tome to the shelf. The book sadly had other ideas and conspired with gravity and a momentary lapse in hand eye coordination, to make a kamikaze dive towards the floor; or more precisely my little parking lot full of newly undercoated Mk Ib Rhino's and a kit bashed Damocles.

Whoops Apocalypse!
If only my Assault Squads could land with such precision! The damage was localised but the Damocles suffered serious hull failure, its parts can be salvaged for another build but the Rhino chassis is a bit buckled and will have to be relegated to back up troop transport duties. The book seemed none the worse for its little bit of excitement.

The arse biting? Well after sitting with head in hands for a few moments berating my stupidity at both dropping the book and leaving the models in such a vulnerable place, I decided to take a picture for the blog to warn others of my folly. I removed my glasses to use the camera and knelt on the floor for the shot; picture taken I sat down to upload the woeful scene *CRUNCH* you guessed it, glasses broken and impaled in my derriere!

So there you have it folks a series of rather unfortunate events brought to you by the Master of Disaster, yours truly. Hopefully some good will come of my embarrassment even if it just brings a smile; right I'm off to cough to the Missus about the busted specs and test the strength of our marriage by asking her to conduct my own damage assessment.


Miyzia said...

The twisted hands of Chaos have a far far reach!

Bix said...

LoL 'aint that the truth mate, still reach far enough into the righteous fire and you're gonna get your fingers burnt.

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