Wednesday, 29 September 2010


So after much delay sitting around the Fortress Monastery polishing the devotional silverware; it's time to get this Blog operational and what a great way to start, with a recon mission to UK Games Day 2010, more of that in a moment along with a taste of things to come. But first a word of thanks to the renowned remembrancer and imagist Teebs who illuminated the banner you see emblazoned above; cheers mate, all I asked for and more.

Hopefully I'll be posting on a fairly regular basis with content ranging from general 40k related banter, my painting/modeling exploits and the highs and lows of gaming with battle & campaign reports. There will be plenty of 'Fluff' as I work on two labors of love, the writing of a Codex for my Chapter the Blood Drinkers and the creation of the sector from which they hail. A few book reviews and occasional features on my friends and fellow gamers armies. With any luck a little something for everyone and if not well thanks for stopping by, please have a slice of Tyndarian drizzle cake and a shot of Serran Atai before catching the next transport out.


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