Wednesday, 26 September 2012

UK Games Day 2012 : Pt IV Golden Demon

Continuing my coverage of UK Games Day, here are some photos I took of the Golden Demon painting competition entries. These are the ones that most caught my eye for one reason or another; but whilst there was talent on display well beyond my meagre skills as a painter, I did feel that the overall volume of quality was down on last year. (Pic Heavy)

Not really sure why this would be, perhaps my visits to the cabinets coincided with judging rounds and I missed a whole bunch, or more controversially something I discussed with some of 'The Gents'; are the small elite group of professional painters whose amazing works tour competitions around the globe, winning large hauls of awards, dissuading the more humble Hobby painter from entering?

These Blood Angels were my stand out favourites of the day, but maybe I'm a little biased towards my fellow Son's of Sanguinius.

This diorama had a real cinematic feel, I could imagine the dust swirling around, the whine of the Valkyrie engines and the shouts of the Elysians as they deploy to secure the landing zone; meanwhile the Imperial Fist stands vigil for a moment before the remains of the fallen are recovered.

Guard do Lord of the Rings.

Really liked the idea behind this one
 check out the Heavy Bolters on the trailer.


Last but by no means least, two of  'The Gents' entered the competition; Paul who, as regular readers of this Blog will know, is no stranger to Golden Demon, having won more than a few trophies in the past and Will trying his hand for the first time.

Paul entered two 40k categories, first up Duel, which was a reworking of a piece he had entered back in 2010.

 And Squad.

 Will entered his Avatar for Single Miniature.

A place on the podium was not on the cards for either of my intrepid friends, although Paul gained another finalists pin with his Squad. Congrats to all the winners and props to all those who took part, inspiring us with their talent; as always, if you see your work featured and would like a credit; drop me a line here at the Edge.


The Angry Lurker said...

Lovely pics Bix, I do like a good diorama!

Bix said...

Cheers Angry, yeah me to, FW had an absolutely 'Mahoosive' Heresy one which you may or may not have seen pics of already. I think I got some ok shots of it and will post them up in my next & final post on the event.

RebelGrot said...

So. Many. Photos!

Great quality of pics mate, thanks for taking the time to take good ones (i.e not ones that are 50% cabinet glass reflection). Really able to appreciate the quality of a lot of these!

Bix said...

Thanks RG, you should see how many more photos end up on the cutting room floor lol!

Getting a steady shot is the biggest problem and on a side note, I thank all those who put up with me camped in front of the cabinets, cursing my Iconograph because the Imp has run out of Blood Red again!

It's a rather temperamental Canon EOS 300D fitted with a Tamron SP AF28-300/3.5-6.3 XRLD Aspherical (IF) Macro lens (although I confess to not understanding most of what that means, I'm a Photography Philistine).

Seriously though, it's a pleasure to showcase great miniatures for the enjoyment of all and it's rewarding that people such as your goodself take the time to drop by, appreciate and comment on the effort.

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