Thursday, 13 September 2012

Death Company Progress II

Promised this a goodly while back and so hopefully over the next couple of posts I will be delivering some Pic updates on how my Death Company is finally progressing apace.

Here are four more 'Evocati'* to add to the four I completed (looks at the date of the post and feels suitably ashamed) ...nearly a year ago!

This is what I had left prior to getting the project back underway, I've now completed one of the Dreadnoughts, also Samael 'Mortifier of the Evocati' my counts as Lemartes; leaving seven Marines, another Dreadnought and one Stormraven (which may be the next stage of the project).

Check back in about a year or so!  ;o)

*I named the Blood Drinker Death Company the Evocati from the Latin term for veterans in the Roman army who had completed their service but had re-enlisted at a Generals request. 


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