Monday, 24 September 2012

UK Games Day 2012 : Pt II Forge World 'The Heresy'

The next few posts will primarily be picture ones, featuring the shots I managed to take during the usual eager scrum around the Forge World displays at this years Games Day. A lot more shots than I expected came out half decent so a Mega City Fats sized warning of heavy picture content!

I think I got most of the up coming releases and works in progress, including a few I forgot to mention in yesterdays post due to being tired or old, or both.

Lets start with the stuff that most of us in the Hobby have been dreaming about (some much longer than others) since hearing their first mention of the Emperor of Mankind having had a rumble with some bloke named Horus.

The Legions mighty Fellblade 'Predator on steroids?'

'Big Gun' The Typhon Heavy Siege Tank.

'Bigger Gun' The Cerberus Tank Destroyer WIP.
World Eater Contemptor.

Death Guard Contemptor.

Cataphractii Terminators 'I gots me some of those!'

'Top Knot' Justaerin Terminators.

'Nothin'. Nothin' on this earth could've lived, not at that range.'
Auto Cannons.

I foresee a 'Noisy' future for these guys!

Night Lord?

Drum Fed Heavy Bolters.

Volkite Chargers
(Anyone else get the reference to the 30's, Undersea Kingdom?)

Not sure about these, they look like slightly larger Volkite weapons.

'What happened to Buzzsaw?'
No prizes for guessing which Legion will be getting these.
Legion Champion.
(the Loken model is a proxy as he is still away being made extra badass)


Anonymous said...

Think the "volkite weapons" are plasma guns.

Like the "maximus" heavy weapons.

Favourite has to be the Legion Champion. I want that sword!

Bix said...

@Terrible T, thanks mate, yeah that was my initial thought as they have that Plasma look.

I'd been trying to find them in my copy of Betrayal but it's such a huge book filled with awesomeness I just couldn't find the entry.

But I've got it now, seems they're suited to their name; they are Ray Guns from the Age of Strife. Quite rare as the Mechanicum has trouble making them.

There are four types with varying ranges and AP values, they cause organic matter to explosively combust into ash and jetting fire!

And the Champion is a must buy. :)

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