Saturday, 22 September 2012

Postcards from the Edge

A fairly brief postcard tonight, well for a guy that waffles like a Protocol Droid; again it's been a while and I wanted to get a few updates in before hitting the sack for an early trek to Games Day tomorrow.

There is so much going on in the Hobby at the moment I've a real feeling we are entering a grand new era, the sort of momentous shake up that happened when the Emperor said to his mates 'Lads I'm bored, lets go on a Crusade!'

The new White Dwarf landed on my door mat this morning with enough force to shell shock the cat and leave a large ordinance size crater in the carpet; the Pound increase in price tag seems to have been mirrored in weight gain!

This is a hefty slab of Games Workshop / Forge World goodness and I'm very impressed, no time for an in depth review due to earning last minute credits with the Good Lady prior to tomorrows field trip, but there are plenty around already, such as Tale of Painters where Stahly has written a very detailed breakdown and critique of the reborn monthly.

Briefly, it's a massive improvement in pretty much all areas (although I question the merit of red backgrounds for miniature photography, too dark), very smartly presented it would grace any stratagem table with it's professional look and quality feel; gone is the 'in your face' GW product catalogue. What's left is a more mature publication which looks far more geared towards promoting the Hobby; oh and it's got a FREE poster in it and is chock full of the Chaos / Heresy new releases, including some concept art by the always awesome Jes Goodwin...Sold?

Black Library have announced Heresy Collectors Editions, I haven't seen a price tag yet but the concept sounds interesting, I was only recently looking at my dog eared and well thumbed Heresy paperbacks, pondering whether it would be worthwhile collecting a new and unread set.

One bit of sour news, I missed out on the limited edition boxed set of Dark Vengeance; after all that time wasted sitting on the Aegis Defence Line only to give in and order it (see here for the full tale of my deliberations) it turns out Total Wargamer didn't get the amount of allocations they were apparently expecting from GW (they tell me this happened to all independents).

But every cloud...I decided to get the soft back rule book on it's own and picked it up on eBay for a fairly reasonable price; whilst I was there, I stumbled across a mint, still sealed copy of the 2009 Space Hulk.

As I was just getting back into the Hobby when this came out, I quite foolishly missed the opportunity to buy it and it's price, as most will know, has been climbing ever since. I can't say I got it for a bargain, I pretty much paid the going rate; but the money I'd had back from my failed purchase of Dark Vengeance took some of the impact of buyers guilt.

I'm looking forward to playing something a little different and painting up the Terminators for my 'Drinkers army...'Let me show you my Stealer spine!'

Ok I said brief and instead I've gone on like Tolstoy, time to head for my Pit; see you after Games Day for my coverage of the event, my wallet walking out on me and perhaps some cake as The Veil's Edge will be two years young.

Thanks, that is all.


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