Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Breaking Net : The Heresy, Chaos & More!

I hadn't planned to post any more pre-release product news for a while, there are sites that do it far better, having lots of sources, getting news fast and posting much more frequently than mine.

Also I never intended this kind of post to be much of a focus for the Blog, unless of course it was something I was buying; but with such a deluge of awesomeness coming from Games Workshop and Forge World right now I just couldn't resist the alteration to the planned schedule.

Besides I reasoned that being so far out on the fringe of the Imperium's Blogosphere, some regular visitors to The Veil's Edge may not pass by some of the more congested trade lanes to pick up the news. Not you Danny, I know you consort with all manner of Blogs be they sanctioned or not, you Rogue Trader! ;o)

So without further preamble, we break Net to take you live to a host of shininess.

White Dwarf Reboot

I for one have been bemoaning the state of White Dwarf for many years, but also giving the thumbs up to small steps that have been sporadically made over the past while, showing promise of a change of direction.

Now they have their own building, a new team and (if rumour is to be believed) a new ethos brought about by a lot of research into what we the customers want. Of course all this remains to be seen, the proof of the magazine will be in the reading as it were; but I like the cover. The new toned down title and smarter feature spacing, allows the cover art to be better appreciated and has an echo of the very early editions of WD; as for the inside...

Chaos Reigns

With miniatures like this, it's going to be increasingly difficult to resist the lure of Chaos; but resist I shall and when we meet in battle, I will pause only briefly to wonder at their sinister magnificence before blasting them back into the Warp with the Emperors righteous fury!

You can see more of these leaked pics from where I sourced them as usual, over on Natfka's Faeit 212 Blog.


Following the announcement that Forge World would be embarking on a Heresy product line, it has become clear they've been planning and marshalling their forces for quite some time; in the lead up to Games Day UK the pre-release info for the 30k Verse is coming like a Legion strength Drop Pod Assault.

Including what I think is a Fellblade, which looks like an old Predator Tank on serious steroids and a particular favourite of mine, a real blast from the past; is a Marine Communications Specialist.

With a limited number of these items being available at Games Day (see more here), Sunday promises to be quite a day; an early start and if all goes to plan, a hefty hit to the wallet but one well worth taking.


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