Saturday, 18 August 2012

Returning with a Vengeance

As a scruffy looking Nerf Herder once said "Jeez, I'm out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of grandeur!"

Well a lot has been happening whilst I've been away, but first my absence...

You may be aware that our green and pleasant land has just hosted a bit of a shindig for a fairly well known sporting event and as duty required I worked a lot of hours doing my bit to ensure no one spoiled the party.

Glad to say, despite having precious few hours at home and having no hobby time to speak of; it was worth the effort to see such a grand event unfold, the world unite and our nation get it's pride out from under the stairs, dust it off and put it back on the mantel least for a little while.

So to my return to hobby time and it would seem the world of 40k is limbering up for it's next series of events, with GW setting their sights firmly on our 'Gold'. (Oh that was so bad, I should write for local news).

We've got the teaser and (presumably) the pre-order date of 25/08/12 for the 6th Edition starter set 'Dark Vengence' which we now know will feature Dark Angels and Chaos forces.

Not much to tease the paint brush there; but as usual the Blogosphere delivers with more leaks than that bloke Assange. With thanks as always to the likes of Faeit 212 and Apocalypse40k for sharing the shiny.

Not overly overwhelmed by the Dark Angels (although the Chaplain is very nice, with the incense burners on his pack) but then standard Marines are just that. Also slightly disappointed to see that the bike hasn't had a major overhaul, I think it's a model well overdue a re-sculpt.

But the Chaos stuff is just great, especially the Chosen and Helbrute, the ruinous powers certainly benifit in allowing the miniature designers to go to town with their imaginations.

Was a little relieved to see that the box only contains standard dice and templates having succumbed once more to the inner Geek and purchased the Power Pack sets, Munitorium Templates and yes the Servo Skull tape measure.

And if all this 6th goodness wasn't enough, we've got Forge World promising what many of us have always hoped for...The Heresy!

With Games Day just around the corner, I'm hoping that GW will take note of the Olympics and make it the showpiece event that it should be. I'm not talking a cast of thousands and Kenneth Branagh as Kyril Sindermann (though that might be cool); but some unique events and great displays of what is to come would certainly underpin what I think are great times for 40k.


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