Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Showcase : Tyranid Scenery by Anton Magdalina

Following on from the earlier Space Wolf Showcase, how about a bit of scenery? Again not mine (mores the pity) it belongs to a fairly new member to the forum on Pesties PPE; why do I always think of Personal Protective Equipment when I abbreviate that? *shrugs*

Light Box screws this one up Grrr...so open it in another window
to see it bigger than a postage stamp!
I was immensely impressed when I saw this work by a chap called Anton Magdalina, who goes by the handle Mothsniper on the forum. He is an artist by trade and despite not being a 40k player or being well versed in it's background, he loves the miniatures and has produced in my opinion, some cracking scenery that really evokes the spirit of the Tryranids.

The interior of a Bio Ship perhaps or a world in the process of being devoured? Great work I'm sure you'll agree and I hope that Mothsniper will further immerse himself in the hobby, where talent like this is always welcome.

And if that wasn't enough, if you appreciate great art work, check out his portfolio, this guy has serious skills!


Mercer said...

Picture needs to be bigger, dude :)

AK said...

Go here for bigger picture

Bix said...

@Mercer, yeah sorry about that, decided to give Light Box a go again but it won't open it in its original size; which made me very angry, very angry indeed! lol

I did put a caption up to mitigate the problem but I may just give up on Light Box again.

@AK Thanks mate, I'll be following you on deviantart from now on, sorry about the technical hitch.

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