Saturday, 25 August 2012

Resistance is Futile : Dark Vengeance Pre Ordered

Update post this evening in relation to Dark Vengeance (Limited Edition) being up for pre-order on GW's site and other independents.

I tried to fight it, I really did; I watched as the Midnight opening ticked by, wrestling with my doubts until the wee small hours. By Daybreak I still hadn't given in, even after my White Dwarf arrived with page after page of tempting propaganda and as orders were snapped up I felt that if I just held out long enough there would be no more left to tempt me. After all, I have no plans to start another Marine Army and despite the awesomeness of the Chaos miniatures I don't think I could ever march under the banner of the Ruinous Powers, so I didn't really need it...or did I?

During 5th I always regretted not having the eminently more portable paperback rulebook but always thought it over priced on FeeBay so never got it; oh how my wrists hated me for that one during games. Also the limited edition Interrogator Chaplain holds some promise for use in my current Blood Drinkers army; besides I could always either trade the other miniatures with friends or sell them in an effort to recoup the cost of obtaining the resolve wavered.

With a canvass of The Gents coming down firmly on the side of making a purchase and even the Good Lady in support, as long as I sold what I really didn't need; I at last surrendered and handed over hard earned cash.

I got mine from Total Wargamer in the end after a quick search for the best price deal I could find, it totals £53.24 with UK mainland postage. My tardiness has resulted in me missing the release date allocation and the first resupply; but they've stated that they are due for five resupply deliveries before stock is exhausted and I should get mine about ten days after release.

As if that hit on my wallet wasn't enough, Games Day cometh and Forge World tempt me with such sights...

Once again, resistance is futile!


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