Monday, 27 August 2012

Showcase : Space Wolves by Paul's Painting Emporium

Miniatures! Painted!! On the Blog!!! Impossible!!!!

Well not impossible, but still highly improbable; in the absence of anything new from me (it's coming I promise) I thought I'd share with you some more very fine work by The Gents very own Master Miniature Painter, Paul 'Pestie' Thomas.

*Warning* Pic Heavy.

Paul's work has graced The Veil's Edge previously, you can see some of his Orks here and his 2010 UK Golden Demon entries here. He's been painting miniatures since before I knew him and that was a long time ago, right about the time the Earth cooled.

His stuff has been featured (uncredited) in several GW publications and White Dwarf even did an article on him way back in 1998's issue 296 (I'll post up the article as long as Paul doesn't mind being reminded how much of his hair has marched south towards his chin).

Here's more of the Space Wolf army Paul completed for a commission, if you like what you see and want to see more, or maybe you'd like Paul to do some painting for you; take a gander at his web site Paul's Painting Emporium. (Please note the site also has a forum and some language in the posts may not be suitable for your Snotlings).



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