Friday, 6 July 2012

Postcards from the Edge

Been a couple of months since I've sent a Postcard so time for a little catch up; lets get the Big One out the way first, the release of 6th Edition. I got hold of my copy a little later than many, due to some bad planning and a misdirected email, but perhaps a little earlier than some; Admiral Drax was one of the unfortunates to suffer a delay despite making his pre order slot, you can read his tale of woe and rather good letter to GW here.

I've managed to give it a bit of a skim through, I've also had a look at the updated FAQ for the Blood Angels over on the GW site (the only bump in the road as it looks a bit rushed out) and I sat in on a small game between two of The Gents Will (Grey Knights) and Tomo (Imperial Guard).

Overall first impressions are very positive, the book looks great (full colour, cracking artwork), the rules 'appear' to be well laid out with a lot of effort to make things as clear to understand as possible. The push towards what GW term 'cinematic' style gaming seems to have brought a lot more fun and variation to the table and they've dredged up a healthy dollop of back in the day fluff; which makes an old sweat like me very happy. Best edition yet? I'm going to have fun finding out.

Helping out with the funding for my 6th Ed purchase was a very kind gift from Gonewild for being his hundredth follower over on his Blog Against the Grain. He sent me a GW gift voucher, which was completely unexpected but most welcome and is another fine example of the great community spirit our Hobby seems to engender. Many thanks again mate.

Other Hobby progress has seen me break out a set of new brushes, Winsor & Newton Series 7's ( a very generous birthday present from some dear friends ) and unleash them on some more of my 'Evocati' - Death Company. I'm very impressed with the results (picture post to follow) and have completed four more of the unit and my 'counts as Lemartes' - Chaplain Samael just needing a jump pack finishing. Ok so I'll not be entering a speed painting competition anytime soon, but that's a lot for me right, so stop laughing.

I also polished off Dan Abnett's 'Know No Fear' in short order, a Books in Brief review will follow, but 'wow' what an awesome novel.

So the rest of the year holds a lot of promise; in the grim darkness of the far future there may only be war, but...War! It's fantastic! ;o)

Thanks, that is all.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good to hear, is it been well received in general?

Admiral Drax said...

Wow - a gift voucher? seriously: what's not to like about our friendly little blogosphere, eh?

Happy reading...

Bix said...

@Angry, I think so, from what I've read so far from peeps. There are the minority doomsayers who are vocal about this being the end of 40k. But then there are those calls with every edition. Then there are valid criticisms about certain rules or aspects, but no work is ever perfect.

I've still got a lot of reading to do and the all important play testing but it looks good thus far.

@Drax, exactly my reaction, what a great gesture.

One of the great fringe benefits to our corner of the blogosphere and the Hobby in general is that it frequently restores my faith in humanity; which sadly in my line of work, can end up being quite dented and tarnished by the end of a shift.

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