Thursday, 14 April 2011

A Time of Heroes

On returning to the blogosphere this week, following another enforced leave of absence (I've been declared officially on the mend and return to light duties in a few days, so lots of kit prep).

I find it to be a time of great deeds and legends reborn.

The hobby for me has always been an escape from the pressures and (at times) harsh realities of life; but the hobby community has shown me that it can also be used to make a difference, however small, in the real world and that, as a great Wizard once said, is an encouraging thought.

The Heroes of Armageddon project has been set up to repeat and hopefully expand upon the great success of last years Storm Wardens project which raised over $16,000. The charity project as with SW, is dedicated to raising funds for the Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières for those of us this side of the pond) organisation and will see a group of talented artists painting four 3000 point armies from the 3rd War of Armageddon.

Donating to the cause will not only be a worthy thing to do, but it will also put you in with a chance of winning one of these armies. For full details and further ways you can help, visit the site from the link included above or the gadget located across to the right.

 MWC home of the hugely successful Pay it Forward Free Giveaway, will be running a charity project in support of Livestrong, a US based support group for those affected by cancer; this will take the shape of various hobby related auctions via Ebay Giving Works. MWC has his own very poignant reasons for supporting this charity but true to form, he is also giving time and effort over to promoting others in the community who are engaged in similar charitable endeavours; go check it out.

Closer to home, my good lady wife will be enduring all manner of grueling obstacles in a Spartan Race at the end of July to raise money for the Help for Heroes charity, supporting wounded service personnel from the British armed forces. As it's her good grace and infinite patience that allows me to indulge my passion for the hobby and indeed this blog, it would be remiss of me not to mention her sterling efforts in aid of such a worthy cause.

Sadly my current lame state *limps for effect* prevents me from undertaking the challenge; but several other friends including Will from the 'Gents', have stepped up to the mark and I will be supporting them from the sidelines (hot dog in hand). If this cause strikes a chord and you have a few loose pennies you'd like to donate please visit Am's donation page HERE at Bmycharity; we'd all greatly appreciate your support.

And finally not a charity event as such, but a feeling of warm fuzzy goodness none the less; like a phoenix risen from the ashes, Ron has resurrected From The Warp! Although he never truely went away and remained at his smaller more personal site of Black Dot Barrel Studios, it's great to have him back at the helm of FTW, welcome back mate.

And on that note I'll sign off on what has been, I hope, a very uplifting post. To quote a famous tank commander, 'Crazy! I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can't lose!'


The Angry Lurker said...

Good charity work going on Oddball, good to hear and will try and support.

Tomo (aka Dakka Dakka - Tournytom) said...

I have matched your £50 Bix, doesn't seem to have registered on the website yet though. Could you keep an eye on it to see if my name pops up during the course of the next day or two.

Go Am!

Bix said...

@Angry, can't get a classic past a movie buff like you, Arf.arf.arf.That's my other dog impression.

Thx for the words of support. :)

@Tomo, you sir are indeed a 'Gent', outstanding, Am will be over the moon. :D

I'll check the site but it should go on automatically after you've gone through payment details. I'll chat to you via PM later mate, I'll be putting up Pesties pics & article today.

Once again my thanks for the uber generous donation.

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