Friday, 15 April 2011

Throne of Skulls : Trooping the Colour

Another guest post today, this time by brush myster Paul aka 'Pestie' from PPE; he's been painting Tomo's army in readiness for this weekend's Throne of Skulls tournament and shares with us some work in progress pictures and thoughts.

You have the Con Number One.

Ok, so Monsiuer Tommo is rapidly approaching D-day. The Throne of skulls tourney is this Saturday, and given all the ***** I've had to wade through this year, I haven't had enough time to get everything ready..but it is base coated at least!

Tom has only seen the one unit of berserkers, and has asked to see some more, before he actually goes into here you are Tommo!!

I must stress, that these are all work in progress. The main focal points have been done, faces & weapons, but as you can see the army is still only at stage one highlight, and will most likely not improve much this week.

Obliterator.. these things are fething awful to paint!! They make no sense, morphing from flesh to metal.. I think the colour scheme works very well though. Tommo had performed a head-swap!!

So this next one, is the transport for the Chosen (Chaos Vets) based on a Bubonic brown/ Regal blue colour scheme. It was one of the first experiments with an Airbrush and Weathering powders... I think it looks OK.. but lacks a certain something!!

'Zerker rhino's. Well, Razorbacks actually, but without the turret (don’t worry Tommo, the turrets are done too); I took them off as TOS requires a WYSIWYG rule (What You See Is What You Get), so I simply took the turrets off. Again, done by Airbrush, then taken to level 1 highlight; I think they look OK, but I can't wait to start 'dusting them up.

The Defiler, oh boy is this a joy to paint.. NOT! Don't be fooled by all that silver, it's an incredibly detailed kit; again, Airbrush, lvl1 highlight, and waiting to be 'weathered' up. Not sure how to progress the red on the legs though.

More 'zerkers! I love these guys, Tom has done a great job on converting the mini's; I can't wait to finish them off. 20 'zerkers is gonna scare the pants off anyone!!

The chosen men, no figures exist for this elite unit, so Tom took a mish-mash of Space Woof, Dark Angel and Chaos Possessed plastic kits and merged them into these guys. Armed with Lightning claws and Melta guns.. nasty!! The colour scheme for vets and HQ units is that Bubonic brown, kinda pseudo NMM; these guys are going to look great when finished.

'Cheers Paul. If all goes to plan I'll be heading up to 'Skulls on Sunday and should hopefully get some photos of the army in action'. *Bix*


The Angry Lurker said...

It looks damn good so far, good luck.

Bix said...

It does indeed, I especially like the Khorne Beserkers, the shield and spear conversion really works for me.

Best of luck today Tomo, may the Warp be with you :)

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