Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon : More ToS Pics

It's an awesome sun baked Bank Holiday weekend here in the green and pleasant land and as Sol has seen fit to grace us with some rays, something that happens all too rarely in this usually grey, rain soaked Isle; I'll be outside making the most of it.

For your viewing pleasure whilst I'm away sunning myself a shade of Blood Red and lighting up the BBQ like a Flamestorm Cannon; here are some more pics from my recent trip to Throne of Skulls.

Some very fine Space Wolves by Jamie F. (aka Insane Psychopath) that made it into best army nominations. Here's a link for more pics of the army on B&C.

A fraction of the Grot Rebel Army by Proiteus, which just looks bags of fun, check out more over on Dakka Dakka.

And finally some Kroot Mercs which, if memory serves, were fielded by one of the Italian team who by all accounts caused a bit of a stir at this year's tournament; cracking looking army all the same.


The Angry Lurker said...

Great pictures, thanks.

Bix said...

Always a pleasure :)

Sadly the fail rate was very high on this trip; it was frustrating to see how many pics ended up in the recycle bin, blurred by camera shake or under lit.

I really don't make the best of my camera, I use the volume fire approach; if I shoot enough I'm bound to hit something ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos of my Space Wolves. Was woundering when other would post photos up from the Throne of Skulls April.

Brillaint tournament, five brillaint games. Fought two people from past tournaments (recent) & a friend of one of the oppent. You can see my report over on Bolter & Chainswords fourm.

More to come from the Space Wolves front. Already complete a Wolf Wing army that the start of the year in a week & a half time, along with 60 Skaven that was part of a commission.

Thanks again for the photos.

IP (Jamie Farquhar)

Bix said...

No, thank you sir :)

Seriously Jamie, a great looking army and I look forward to seeing more of your work. Props for taking the time to drop by and comment to,really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

No worries.

My Space Wolves will be that
Gathering of the Clans 11th June in Scotland
Throne of Skulls July

Unsure what to take to Oct. One side there my IW which everone on the fourm know me for as they are near ten year of collecting. Been to UKGT 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09 & then a few local tournament in 2006, 08, 09

But same time there my Wolves which I started with the codex release & take part in Nov ToS, 40k double & ToS April along with two local event.

Just with ToS Oct going up in points to 1750pts. I enjoy both armies. For Wolves mean make up brand new Long Fangs.

Right now a lot of people seem to be saying the Wolves for Oct ToS.

But the army you see in April is a lot diffrent from the army I took in Nov. As said on the B&C fourm, down to new idea for conversion or to up honour & trophies or because people pick up models with out my permission & tend to be broken.

For those who wish to see more of my Wolves, just check out Bolter & Chainsword, got a lot of topic on there & a whole list of Blogs where my SW have shown up due to events they attended.

IP (Jamie)

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