Friday, 22 April 2011

Books in Brief : Red Fury by James Swallow

Having been disappointed with the trilogy of books featured in The Blood Angels Omnibus, which were hampered by weak story and characters; also riddled with ill conceived battle scenes where squads of men turned into hundreds; wallowing in excessive gore, seemingly for lack of anything imaginative to do.

I approached Red Fury with some trepidation, determined to give it a go despite the warning given me by MC Tic Tac; I am after all a Blood Drinker player and I reasoned I owed it to my Chapters Primogenitors to read all their fluff.

Sadly the warning rang true, this book is no different and the Blood Angels are again penned as complete idiots as they let another Chaos plot overrun them (this time on their home turf of Baal).

The inclusion of the Successor Chapters (including my beloved 'Drinkers) did lift my heart, but there are precious few lines dedicated to them; much of which amounts to nothing more than name dropping on behalf of the codex, which is a real shame because there were seeds of some good ideas here.

Swallow rallies in the final chapters of the book, for a better stand up fight than he has been able to deliver thus far in these novels; but then drops the ball at the ten yard line with a seriously tepid ending. If you are a Blood Angel or Successor fan as I am; steer well clear, Swallow only does them harm.


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