Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Postcards from the Edge

It would seem that my long, loyal and occasionally distinguished service to Her Majesty’s Arbites has finally cost me a little more than the usual bumps and bruises; sheer wear and tear has resulted in me requiring some augmetic work to a much abused knee, hence the slight overrun of Februarys Postcard into March, luckily I'm my own editor so I won't get shouted at too much for missing the deadline.

I'm back from the Apothecaries and despite my Nurse/Wife’s protestations I've just about managed to cobble together a semi comfortable seating arrangement in front of the computer; that much mocked idea of purchasing an iPad seems like a missed opportunity now...ho hum to hindsight!

February saw the Edges first poll, my thanks to all those who took part and apologies for not chatting about the outcome sooner. The Griffon won it by a razor sharp beak, which seems very fitting with the latest Dark Eldar release of Beastmasters and their alien charges adding more creatures into the 40k 'Verse. I shall try and source a Griffon in due course for a test run and hopefully that will lead to a complete command squad, I'll also get to scribbling out some test rules.

Both the Jet Bikes and Fire Chariots were not wholly unpopular ideas, so we may see them resurrected at a later date in some other formation.

The weekend before going under the knife, saw me up at Warhammer World with the rest of the 'Gents' for the final battle of the Lalinta Prime Campaign, sadly it looks as though the Emperors finest won't be claiming victory from this one. Worse than that, I seem to have misplaced two of my previous battle reports (teach me to have a filing system like a hamsters nest) so they may have to be done in summary.

Still I did get good pictures of some of the miniatures that took to the field and will feature them in a post this week, also hopefully using the extra time my current house arrest allows, I should be able to tie up the campaign.

The blogs readership has once again shown an increase (cheers one and all) and the stats chart resembles the current rise in fuel prices; but unlike a greedy corporate empire, the 40k blogging community is adept at giving back, so here is my little contribution this month, high-lighting others who are doing that bit more.

Tomorrow, March 2nd will see Old Stuff Day a great idea by Rob over at Warhammer 39,999 for the blogging community to dust off and share one of their old and most cherished posts and or comment on another old favorite by another blogger.

Miniature Wargame Conversions continues his outstanding Pay it Forward project with a veritable mountain of goodies to be won just by signing up to the blog; it's truly amazing how people have got behind this one and another thumbs up to the spirit of this here community.

Last but not least, B.Smoove of A Gentlemans Ones is auctioning off a mighty set of scenery, the Space Hulk Alacrity. Sure this one will cost you a few quid but it's for a gaming cause and it's a fine investment should you be the lucky winner.

Right, despite the fact that I have some of Wolverines less outstanding qualities, grumpiness, cynicism and an abundance of hair in the wrong places; I don't appear to possess his mutant healing factor, so with knee throbbing like a warp core breach, I think I'll call it a day.

Time to go gland some stims. That is all.


The Angry Lurker said...

Good post, sorry to hear about the knee, I could do with Wolverines healing ability myself.

Bix said...

Cheers Angry, if you happen to hear of any secret Gov programs, drop me a line. Though on second thoughts with the current cut backs they'll probably be working with gaffa tape and fiber glass rather than adamantium.

I'll give that a miss.

Siph_Horridus said...

We only get Tubey Grip, Excusey Boots, 'Brufen and Ice in the RN. Rest that knee and get back to painting... get well soon

Bix said...

Thanks Siph, Tubey Grip check! 'Brufen and Ice check! Excusey Boots on standby for when I can hobble more than a couple of feet.

My Doc must have come from the Senior Service :)

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