Saturday, 5 March 2011

Showcase : Orks by Paul's Painting Emporium

Smile Dave...
As I mentioned in my last Postcard, the previous Saturday saw me venture up to Warhammer World with the rest of the Gents. Whether we were brave or foolhardy, this was no small undertaking, as it was the dreaded half term holiday; every inch of the gaming hall would have to be fought for and miniatures guarded from prying hands.

Or not as the case may be, despite the place being full to bursting, it was all very good natured and well behaved. I wasn't playing on account of having finished a night shift that morning! Yes I am that crazy about the hobby; so I managed to spend some of my time snapping pics and taking in the sights before finally succumbing to exhaustion (albeit aided by a couple of pints and large lunch) and falling asleep in Bugmans Bar.

Over the next couple of posts I'll be presenting some of the pictures I took on the day, featuring some miniatures owned and or painted by the Gents.

First up are a bunch of Green Skinz painted Paul; I don't think any of the guys will mind me saying that he's the best painter by far, out of our group. He's won a couple of Silver and a couple of Bronze Demons over the years, you can see his UK GD 2010 Entries Here, he also does commission work and you can find his site here Paul's Painting Emporium, please note he has a forum attached to the site which may have some language not suitable for Grots.


The Angry Lurker said...

Bloody excellent, would like to go there one day, really nice figures and painting.

Bix said...

Thanks Angry, sure Paul will appreciate your comment. Yeah I think his Orks are some of his best work.

As for Warhammer World, it's well worth the trip, though if you're going along to play it's worth checking ahead and booking tables in advance.

Some of the tables there, the scenery is just mind blowing. The miniatures hall has some classics in it as well.

bisheh said...

Hi Bix, nice photos :) Although I take massive offence to the "Paul's the best painter of us" comment, I'm clearly his equal! ;)

Bix said...

LoL, Cheers Bish & you are far more modest to ;)

I look forward to featuring your work here in the future.

bisheh said...

heh :) Also, i'm stealing your site and images for PPE, I hope you don't mind!

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