Friday, 4 March 2011

March White Dwarf : Beneath the Sea of Green

Let's face it, this month's White Dwarf belongs to the Orcs not Orks and holds very little for the 40k hobbyist, but then we have been spoilt over the last few months; there are however a couple of articles to merit not turning the issue into tinder immediately.

The best of them is a six page 'fluff' article by Phil Kelly, about the Wych Cults of Commorragh which consists of a short piece on the place of the Cults within Dark Eldar society and then detail on seven Cults, The Cursed Blade, The Red Grief, The Pain Eternal, The Seventh Woe, The Blade Denied, the Wrath Unbound and Lelith Hesperex's Cult of Strife. Included with the text is an illustration of the various colours sported by the Cult followers and a rendition of their symbols which look like they could easily be copied to make banners.

I don't own a copy of the Dark Eldar codex so this could be information lifted from there, but for me it made interesting reading.

Next up is an eight page article by Mat Ward about using your Blood Angel Dreadnoughts and Stormravens, to be honest this is a bit of tactica lite and it probably doesn't tell you anything you don't already know unless you bought this issue with your first purchase of 40k. It has a couple of 1500 point army lists, one Dread heavy called 'Blood Creed' and one with a couple of 'Ravens called 'Red Wind'.

Lastly there is a bit on the studios Armageddon campaign, but as most of the stuff was online and the campaign seems to be over already there is very little of note here other than a reprint of the original list of forces involved in the war, from 3rd editions Codex: Armageddon.

On the back page though, the promise of great things for 40k once more, March 26th will see the release of Aprils White Dwarf and the Grey Knights look to be the headline feature. Not much given away in the picture, just a formation of Grey Knight Stormravens gunning over a host of Daemons, so I can't tell you if there are any Jokero on board!

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The Angry Lurker said...

I'm a White dwarf whore even though I buy the models for other projects but it's great toilet reading.

Bix said...

Sadly more toilet than reading sometimes, I like many others, miss the old days of the publication.

But I still have to get my fix and what they lack in content they do compensate for with quality pictures.

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