Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Nobody Tosses a Squat! : Demiurg Rumours

Today Natfka posted up a set of rumours in relation to the possible return of the Demiurg (thats Squats for oldies like me) in the Tau Codex; I don't want to steal his thunder so you can read what he's compiled from various sources over on his blog Faeit 212. I thought I'd mention it following on from last Fridays Jokaero post.

These rumours feel right, with the return of the Jokareo and the post on GW's site last Friday high lighting their 'Specialist Range' of games.

I can see a move within the company to broaden their grasp by opening up avenues that have either been closed off in the past or left to stagnate. I think I'm right in saying Jervis Johnson has on more than one occasion, hinted at the possibility of the 'flawed concept' Squats being reborn as the Demiurg from Battlefleet Gothic.

It's a good move IMO, the explosion of the Blog community (credit where credit is due Ladies and Gents) has certainly helped to highlight the more obscure and forgotten corners of the 40k Verse, connect the hobbyists already familiar with those corners and generate new interest in exploring them.

I'd like to see the hardy artisans of space return to 40k in a more sensible guise and will keep a watch for further chatter.

Picture used White Dwarf  Subscription Model 2010 copyright Games Workshop Limited 2000-2011


The Angry Lurker said...

Squats....would I do them again...yes, otherwise it's Hasslefree Miniatures Grymm.

CounterFett said...

I think I would do it too. The conversion possibilities from fantasy dwarves is sooooo high.

Bix said...

@Angry, I'd not seen those Grymm before, some are very good, favourite is the Comms officer with the lap top. Very reminiscent of the Old Imperial Guard uniform.

@CounterFett, yes there are some great options there. I wonder if they did do them, would they have that kind of Norse look or will they try to make them more alien? I don't think biker caps and cigars will be high on the list whatever ;D

Christopher said...

I can't see them going for a Norse look with the Space Wolves currently filling the Viking gap but I'd absolutely love to see these guys return. I loved using them when I first started the hobby and I would love to use them again.
The introduction of the Thunderfire Gun (Thudd Gun), Conversion Beamer, Graviton Gun and probably more that I've missed, certainly hint that GW is looking back over these little guys if for nothing more than inspiration!

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