Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Imperial Thunderbolt Diorama

The last of my photos from Warhammer World and it's an indulgent trip down memory lane. Whilst the rest of the Gents battled it out, I took a wander into the Citadel Miniatures Hall, an area of WW that I'd not ventured into on previous visits. Its well worth taking the time to have a look if you're ever there as there are cabinets choc full of fantastic painted miniatures, most of which have featured in the pages of White Dwarf or the Codexs at some time or other.

Sadly I was so caught up gawping at the shinys on display, that I took far too few photos and those that I did take weren't up to much, I felt a bit like Robert Capa on getting home and checking them.

One particular diorama that did catch my eye and thankfully survived the worst of the shaky cam was this classic from back in the day, a scratch built Thunderbolt set within a carriers hanger deck. It was modeled by Dave Andrews and won the Open Category in the 1995 Golden Demon competition.

I remember seeing it at the time in White Dwarf and dreaming of the day when GW might include aircraft in 40k, taking me back to my modeling roots. Well I'm still waiting; I know Forge World do one for Apocalypse, but at eighty quid a pop I won't be scrambling a flight anytime soon. Who knows though, with the Summer of Fliers on the way perhaps this was a fortuitous reunion.


The Angry Lurker said...

That is beautiful and great miniatures, I have the Valkyrie and the Stormraven now and will never be able to do this.

Bix said...

It is that. But never say never Angry, always 'Reach for the Sky' :)

I've got a Valk sitting on the shelf at the moment awaiting completion, great model; I spent ages painting the cargo area only to find you can hardly see it once it's assembled. Doh!

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