Sunday, 13 February 2011

Forty First's Famous Faces : Take Two

As this topic from last month was so popular, generating more comments than any other of my posts thus far; not difficult I know, but hey, always take time to celebrate the little things in life. I thought I'd give it a second outing, especially as your comments have generated some great new examples and ideas.

You can get up to speed with the original post here and I'd also like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to b.smoove who gave a plug to the post on his blog A Gentlemans Ones and undoubtedly helped up its exposure.
First up and 'First Blood' to Archon Brax who suggested Sly Marbo as obviously being inspired by Sylvester Stallones John Rambo; with such a blatant reference in the name I thought there just had to be some 40k artwork based on Stallone and sure enough I found it.

That led me to thinking, if Sly could make it into the 41st millennium then there is another man, no legend, who would definitely be there, the original Terminator and Xeno arse kicker...Arnie. And here he is, GET TO DA VULTCHAA!!!

Perhaps he and Marbo could open up a themed Grox Burger franchise after they finish in the Guard.

Finally Papa JJ had suggested Clint Eastwood to play Commissar Yarrick, a good suggestion, so I thought I'd see how that would work.

Ok so I won't give up my day job, but you get the idea. Make my day Ghazghkull.

As always, thanks for taking the time to read and to comment, until next post...

Here's to the 'little things'. Cheers.


The Angry Lurker said...

I for the life of me cannot remember his full name but the main character Semper? from the WH40K books Shadow Point and Execution Hour and could be played by a grey haired George Clooney.Good books and a good blog.

Bix said...

I've not read either of Gordon Rennie's BFG books but I'll add them to my list on your recommendation. *Takes glance at his book shelves sagging under the weight of 40k novels*

Yeah, room for a few more!

Many thanks for the post, when my Blog grows up I want it to have as many hits as yours. :)

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