Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Blood Drinker Scout Squad Pugio

I have realised, quite ashamedly, that the Edge has been suffering from a distinct lack of 'lead in its posts' and I hereby attempt to remedy that rather embarrassing condition. (Please note this is not an invite for spam bots to send me links offering prescriptions for Ultra pills from Dr M.Calgar!)

Brother Sgt Pugio
Neophyte Ursus

 This is Squad Pugio, one of my Blood Drinker scout squads, known as 'Venati' (The Hunters) in my chapter fluff. I can't take credit for that particular name for the 10th Company, it was suggested to me by a guy called Kalsir over on B&C and seemed to fit rather well with where I was going with the chapter.

Neophyte Lupus

Neophyte Vulpes

And they're not new, I completed them for the forums LPC challenge last year, but I'm hoping that by posting them here I'll both motivate myself to break my painting drought and you guys will appreciate finally seeing some more of my work.


The Angry Lurker said...

They're quite good, get painting and posting:D

The LeadHead said...

These look fantastic- I really wish I could paint faces that well...

Bix said...

@Lurker Yes Sah! Motivational 101, short and to the point. Thanks I'll not let you down :)

@LeadHead Cheers mate really appreciate that. I find it's all about the eyes, if you can get them to look right then you're pretty well set. I still spend ages trying to get them just so, screwing up my own eyes in the process!

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