Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Pardon Our Dust

Had a couple of spare hours today and decided to have a tidy up and do some more remodeling to the Edge. I know, you'd of thought I'd have learnt my lesson by now, but I just can't help tinkering; Blogger has such wonderful toys.

I've added the Label Gadget, calling it the 'Noosphere', which I think is such a great word; it drops an airliner engine on a word like 'Cellar Door'. Anyway I placed the resulting cloud down at the base of the blog. Of course that meant going back and attributing labels to all the previous posts, which was quite laborious and may be one of the reasons why I wrote this, just so you all know how hard I worked; but seriously, once done it really is quite a handy tool.

I don't want to teach anybody to suck eggs, but in case you're interested; not only does it signpost and allow easy access to related articles within the blog. But it also gives me a visual reference to the amount of posting I'm doing on a particular subject, as the title of each label grows relative to the number of posts relating to it.

Now before you glaze over and I end up sounding like the Architect...too late!!!

Ergo! Veesa Vee! Concordedly! What?
 ...I'll move swiftly on and just point out that, as you may have noticed, I've changed the layout of the main page. Instead of displaying each post in its entirety, I've added jump breaks to each article so that they appear with only a portion of the post and the option then to read more.

It's made the Edge a little more compact and will hopefully make it easier for new passersby to stumble across older posts. I think it's an improvement but let me know your thoughts, another step on the road to enlightenment or a tinker too far?


The Angry Lurker said...

I had the same with labels and having to go back over all the older posts, that read more one is interesting, may have to do that.

Bix said...

Yes it certainly makes long waffle posts like mine a tad more approachable.

Plus the base of the blog may even get some view time, as you now don't have to burn out whatever scroll function you have on a half hour plunge to the depths of the page.

The only downside is that applying page breaks to previous posts can mess a little with your formatting and takes some fiddling.

Ron's FTW page even manages to shrink post pictures in the read more summary. I may have to request the secret of that arcane knowledge from him; I hope it doesn’t involve a Standard Template Construct as I’m all out.

Lantz said...

I am the architect. But please, call me Larry.

I dig the new setup, mang.

Bix said...

LOL. Damn yes, I so should have used Will Ferrell's architect.Missed a trick there.

Cheers for the thumbs up mate, much appreciated :)

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