Sunday, 12 December 2010

Heresy Online bows out of the Blogosphere

The sharp eyed among you, those who have not spent decades hunched over a poorly lit painting table or fusing your eyeballs playing console/Pc Games until O'Mygodaclock; are blessed with youth or are just named 'Shoggy' Domor. May have noticed my little section of The Webway shrank by one earlier today.

Without warning yesterday Jezlad decided to pull the plug on Heresy Online's Blog Network; here's his rather peeved post, edited slightly for public broadcast.

"After months of flogging a dead horse I've decided to delete the Heresy News Network, cancel the blog network and go back to being a forum alone.

There's been several reasons for this, firstly, people didn't read or comment on the posts. We couldn't build a dedicated contributor base, I mistakenly believed the 200k people that visit this site every month might have a thing or two to say...

only last week I went through the members of the blog network and noticed around 25% had removed our posts from their blogrolls. Leeching xxxxxxx weren't even displaying our posts while we displayed theirs. Then, to top it all off when we tried to join other blog networks to increase our awareness (such as the BoLS Alliance) we were told they were for start up blogs... A blog less than 6 months old with only 400 readers per day is a startup blog right?...

Without notice I've removed the blog and nuked the content. If you have links leading to the blog network please remove them.

So anyway, thats the end of it. Thanks to the 400 people that read and the 3 people that contributed. I'm forever in your debt!!

/Can't be arsed."
I've thrown my two pennies worth in on the site reference my thoughts on why it failed to take off. I found Heresy quite a chore to navigate around, it's very text heavy (says one of the webs great wafflers) and it took me a while once I linked The Veil to actually find where the blog feeds were posting up; this may have affected their traffic if there were others like me, I apologise to those so afflicted.

As to Blogs not hosting Heresy's feed after linking, well no one was posting so the feed got very stale; like most Bloggers I don't like a million and one feeds clogging up the look of my Blog and will hide away those that aren't updated fairly regularly.

Why no one was posting is another question, Heresy has a none to shabby following; is it a case of only so many hours in the day? By that I mean there are already several well established Blog Networks FTW and BoLS among them; between everyday life, gaming, painting and running The Veil's Edge not to mention other web commitments I find it hard to keep up. Was this a step into an already well provided for and possibly over saturated section of the gaming community?

Anyway, thought I'd let you know why the link was removed, it's always sad when our community looses a source for ideas and information, but hopefully Heresy will continue to serve and grow as a forum.


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