Monday, 13 December 2010

Battle Report 2 : Ambush at Sanctus Edge and the Salvation of Raltia Hive

Guest submissions by Paul aka 'Pestie' and Bish

Trying to play catch up with the battle reports and general progress of our Lalinta Prime Campaign. Playing, learning and writing notes at the same time takes all my effort during a game at the moment (for me that's still multi tasking on a Heroic difficulty setting) ; but as much of our armies are unpainted at present, not being able to take pictures of the battles doesn't seem too much of a loss for now.

Here is how the deployments worked out after our opening match.

Following their successful landing at Drop Zone Alpha, Marine forces moved swiftly to secure the southern and northern Hives Sila and Mallia; whilst the routed Chaos hordes established bases in the wetlands and forests across the central region of the Haxtes District where they re-grouped and re-supplied . The Eldar slipped away to the east and consolidated in the foothills and peaks of the Warden Mountain Range.

The lead elements of Bish's Ultramarines then made a push towards areas still occupied by Slaanesh cultists in an attempt to reach and liberate Raltia Hive, but his Marines were ambushed along the edge of the Sanctus Forest by Paul's Death Guard who were attempting to round up surviving cultists for their own nefarious plans; here follows Paul's after action report.

+++++ Report Alpha 639TX1198, originator 273 designate Bile.+++++++++
Thought for the day; He who Poo's last Poo's longest.

Sire, It is with great joy that I report on our action but three days ago. Our Mission was a success, and we vanquished the pathetic vanguard of the Marines to the last. They shall recover nought of their comrades..

But first I must report a problem. Beer-ran, pilot of the Dreadnought continues his rages! He wiped out my Chosen, brave men all, that I had served with for centuries. In his fury he destroyed them and all bar one of the tempted cultists of joy. Luckily, before he could be deactivated he destroyed much of the enemy too; a Predator, several Marines entrenched and virtually an entire squad of the lap-dogs Terminators armed with Storm shields..... the Emperors finest, Pah! A Pox on their corpses, their corruption will be their greatest threat!. - A grevious wound dealt to their first company, one that we rejoice in.... Yet I warn that Beer-ren's rages threaten us all! He is in stasis once more, but if he must be woken, our brother must be deployed virtually alone from now on.

The False Emperors sycophants rallied though, and I must report, of course with much sadness and regret, that the Fecal Lord was destroyed once more. His corporeal Demonic presence was evaporated (again) after dispatching one of the enemies Dreadnoughts, (although it had been damaged already). The fool, over eager, rushed into the gun-line of the enemy. I recommend that he stays in limbo, to consider his stupidity, and I shall lead our warband. I acknowledge his leadership still, but as necessity forced I took control of our forces and we rallied; even their self righteous Chaplain Cassisus could not best me!! I destroyed him and a squad of devastators at the same time. Feel my POWER!! Is it not clear I am in high favour? Our only other losses were the first companies Land raider and the Obliterator Feltch were destroyed, yet even as I report this they are being salvaged. We anticipate to be back at full strength within hours.

Lastly I report a candidate for promotion, a Death guard trooper, name of T'kin, the last of his squad single handily took down a great enemy Hero, The librarian, leading their first company Terminators. They had teleported in to deny us our mission. They had destroyed our own Land Raider, and seeing us about to rescue the cultists attacked the Death guard as they secured the position. The librarian advanced so swift, his must have been augmented, killed all bar T'kin.The rest of us were too far away and we watched as he slaughtered our puss-brothers. T'Kkn was doomed, and yet he saw the an opening, The Terminator armour of the Marines is obviously inferior to our own. Tkin found the weakness and placed a Blight grenade inside the carapace and decapitated the Librarian. He fell dead. t'kin rescued the cultist we held the field. The Mission objective is complete & I confirm the last remaining cultist was recovered. Already we feel the boon of the Lord of sensuality. We feel it's approval. I believe that we can use this succour to our advantage, and already we turn to open a shrine to slaanesh. We endeavour to raise some reserves from this new power, and strengthen our band, the lord of the Alpha Legion shows it can be done....

We have scavenged what we can, and their corpses lie infected. We leave them where they fall, the Marines will recover their Brethren and Typhus's work shall continue.

Your servant
++++++ END+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The only word from the Ultramarines was the following broken Vox Cast.

"...happening, we can't hit anything. It's like some corrupt veil is protecting them, we can't hold them... ***sound of bolter fire*** .....concentrate fire left!...... we'll fight to the last.....we'll t ***static*** "

Whilst the Emperors finest were occupied with the Chaos invaders, Will's Eldar took the advantage and swiftly swept their forces towards their ultimate goal, Quater Mine; in doing so they liberated the central Hive of Raltia much to the chagrin of the Marines and the rejoicing of the people of Raltia.

Picture featured Chaos Dreadnought by Vanom , Maps by Bix                      


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