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Lalinta Prime Campaign Pt II : Rules

A day late, gakking chores, but we are now the proud owners of a brabantia wall mounted washing line and I didn't cause any wall collapses during instillation lol, the good lady is happy. So here is the second half of my current campaign rules; I came up with a special war gear idea so us old school players could wield a few treats from back in the day, as you have to break us old beardys into 5th Ed gently (What no data-faxes?!!).

You can use some or all of your Planetary Empires bonus points (generated by owning Manafactoriums and or having less tiles than your opponent). Your choice of war gear is limited to you holding the specific assets that produce a given set, as follows.

Power Station: Weapon Upgrades.
Shield Generator: Armour Upgrades.
Command Bastion: Defence Upgrades.

Also an upgrade is only valid for one battle, you may only have one choice from each type of asset you hold; having 3 power stations will still only grant you one weapon upgrade. I did this just to add a little spice to a game, not swing it wildly in one sides favour and you can only use upgrades in straight forward 40k battles, Planet Strike, Cities of Death and others where noted are exempt (they have enough going on in them already) but you can still use your bonus points for extra troops allocation.

The upgrades are listed with the asset that grants them along with any other altered rules.

Command Bastion

I altered the Command Bastion rules from Planetary Empires after hearing some sound advice on World's End Radio. Being able to give a chosen unit any universal special rule is a game breaker and no mistake. I also removed the Bastions from Hive Cities for various reasons which should hopefully become apparent.

So this is what I concocted. A tile with a Command Bastion in it gains a Fortress, for the defender to use should that tile be attacked. This uses a set of rules (Fortress of Redemption) and a scenario (The Fort) from White Dwarf 360 Dec 2009,  the defender places the fortress at the centre of the battle field and deploys one unit of up to 15 men and a character inside, they have to hold out against the full might of the attacker until the relief column (the rest of the defenders army) shows up. Granted they have an armour rating of 14 to hide behind with only one doorway in and x4 Heavy Bolters a Twin Linked Las Cannon and a Missile Silo to while away the time, which should make for a very interesting and challenging game.

If the fortress is destroyed during the game then it will be removed as an asset from the campaign map and become a ruin.
The Command Bastion counts as a defence line modifier for rolls on the Planetary Empires conquest table.

They also grant access to the following defence upgrades that can be purchased for a battle using your bonus points. Bonus upgrade rules apply so you won’t be able to use them in The Fort scenario.

The following rules apply to all defence upgrades, they can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, you get D3+3 of whatever upgrade you purchase and each defence object can be up to 6” long.

Barricades: 4+ Cover save / Difficult terrain / if a vehicle (other than a Skimmer) manages to pass through the barricade it is removed. Cost 50 bonus points.

Razor Wire: 6+ Cover save for infantry / Difficult terrain for all non vehicle models (including Walkers), vehicles can drive over the wire with no effect but it remains in play. Cost 50 bonus points.

Tank Traps: 5+ Cover save for infantry / Impassible terrain for all vehicles (other than a Skimmer or Walker). Cost 50 bonus points.

Shield Generator (as per PE rules in addition grants the following upgrades.)

Power Field Generator: At the start of the battle nominate anywhere in your deployment zone, all friendly units within a 6” radius of this point gain 4+ Cover save. Cost 50 bonus points.

Conversion Field: Upgrades a single character with a 5+ invulnerable save from shooting attacks only. Cost 50 bonus points.

Ceramite Plating: Upgrade one vehicles armour with these heat resistant plates, Melta weapons do not gain the extra D6 armour penetration when shooting at this vehicle. Cost 50 bonus points.


Power Station (as per PE rules in addition grants the following upgrades.)

Haywire Grenade: Equip one character with x1 of these rare grenades it can be thrown up to 6” and has a 3” diameter blast marker. Any vehicle hit by the blast has its armour automatically penetrated roll on the vehicle damage table with a -1 modifier due to the small size of the grenades EMP generator. Terminators, Wraith Guard, Ork Mega Armour, Ork Cybork Bodies, Tau Battle Suits and Drones and Chaos Obliterators are also examples of infantry susceptible to the effects of this grenade. They suffer 1 wound no armour or cover saves allowed (inc invulnerable saves). Cost 100 bonus points.

Vortex Grenade: Equip one character with x1 of these rare grenades it can be thrown up to 6” and has a 3” diameter blast marker. Any models and or removable scenery under the final position of the template are destroyed with no saves of any kind allowed. At the start of each player turn the vortex tears through the fabric of reality and appears 2D6” away in a random direction (roll scatter) if you roll double for the distance the vortex disappears. Cost 100 bonus points.

Jokaero Digital Weapons: Equip one character with x1 of these rare weapons roll a D6 at the start of the game to determine the type of digital weapon gained.

1 Shuriken Pistol, 2 Hot Shot Las Pistol, 3 Plasma Pistol, 4 Hand Flamer, 5 Infernus Pistol, 6 choose from the list.

The digital weapon is a one shot weapon, used in the shooting phase and is in addition to your usual shooting allowance. Cost 75 bonus points.

Space PortsGrant the ability to planet strike. Any Port to Port assault will be carried out using the planet strike rules utilizing the planet fall scenario. In addition if you hold a Port and your opponent agrees you may carry out other attacks using the planet fall missions and rules. The only exception to this is if you are attacking a Hive City, this must be resolved using the City Fight rules, see below.

Hive CityThe city contains one of all the other assets with the exception of a Command Bastion, I felt the mods for successfully conquering a city were already high and it added complications to the city fight defence. If you attack or defend a Hive you must use the City Fight rules. In addition if you hold ruins and your opponent agrees you can fight a the battle using the City Fight rules.


No matter who controls the mine at the end of the campaign, the forces of good vs evil unite to fight one final battle to decide the fate of the planet.

If Chaos wins, the planet is consumed by the horrors of the warp.

If the Marines/Eldar wins, the forces of Chaos are routed from the planet and it is saved.

League scoring

Each battle is worth 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.

Winning the campaign is worth 10 points.
6 points for 2nd place.
4 points for 3rd place.
2 points for those placed last.

Total amount of battle victories can be used to determine any draws or simply roll off if these are also equal.

Victory in the Endgame is worth 3 points for each player on the winning side, 1.5 if it’s a draw.
There are also a set of secret missions I created for each players army, they are drawn one at a time at random and the player chooses if and when to play them. If they are completed successfully during a battle the player earns themselves bonus league points and draws another mission. Obviously I can't list them at the moment with the campaign still in full swing.

So there you have it, my first set of 40k campaign rules, like I said they're far from perfect, but the campaign has helped no end in encouraging us to play on a regular basis by having a set of goals (missions and league points) and an underlying story to link our battles together; the story in turn is helping to shape our armies and associated fluff.

It's a bit of extra work sure as sure, rather than just calling up your mate and arranging a game; but I highly recommend it for all the fringe benefits it will bring to your gaming experience.

Picture featured for Command Bastion 'Watch Station Medael' by Nikolaus Ingeneri 


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