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Lalinta Prime Campaign Pt I : Rules

Having posted up several slices of fiction, I realised with some embarrassment that I hadn't actually posted up much to do with the campaign they were written for. So let me back track a little and introduce you to the current campaign being played by my gaming group, the fondly named 'League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen' (tongue firmly in cheek). It's our first real foray into 40k since hanging up our dice many moons ago and thus I kept it fairly simple as we are still about as rusty as a Gargant's belly.


Lalinta Prime
The year is 410 M.41, the crew of an ore mining rig has unwittingly uncovered remnants of ancient xeno ruins in the Haxtes district on the continent of Novus Colonia; a central land mass on the Imperial Guard founding world of Lalinta Prime.

Items unearthed by the crew and sold as trinkets for extra profit have made their way to the markets of the continents Hive Cities, where they have come to the attention of various agents who have seen them for what they really are; artifacts from the pre Fall era of the Eldar Race.

How they came into the hands of these xenos and what happened to their race after they brought them here is a mystery; but the recovery of their secrets could promise untold power to those who would risk damnation to wield it. Ancient knowledge to battle the dark foe for those with the wit to seek it and a crippling blow to the enemy for those with the strength to destroy it.

As mentioned in my first Tales post, the planet is in the grip of an uprising by Slaanesh cultists, spurned on by their fell masters in a bid to gain control of power hidden within the dig site. Slaanesh was initially a non player force I used only as a catalyst for the campaign although things have taken a different turn as later posts will reveal.

The original forces taking part in the campaign and their players are:

Death Guard : Pestie
Thousand Sons : Tommo
Eldar of Kaela Mensha : Will
Ultramarines : Bish
Blood Drinkers : Yours truly

I based the rules around the Planetary Empires expansion with a few additions and alterations including a casualty chart adapted from the article 'Dave and Jerm's Old War Stories' in White Dwarf issue 360. Here is the first part of the rules, fairly clunky but it's my first time; I'll post the other half relating to special items that can be purchased using bonus points tomorrow to keep the post digestible.



Chaos: Primary= To seize and hold ten tiles.
Secondary= To seize and hold the mine area, finishing the campaign with it in their possession this will allow the recovery of all the buried ruins secrets.

Eldar: Primary= To seize and hold ten tiles.
Secondary= To seize and hold the mine area, finishing the campaign with it in their possession this will allow them to recover all artifacts.

Marines: Primary= To seize and hold ten tiles.
Secondary= To seize and hold the mine area, finishing the campaign with it in their possession this will allow the placing of demolition charges to fully reveal the ruin in preparation for its destruction by orbital bombardment.

The campaign ends when one player holds ten tiles and has played all opposing players at least once. They are the overall victor of the campaign.  
Campaign Map
Special rules

The mine site is protected by and Imperial Guard Shield Generator with associated conquer mods for it and the surrounding three tiles, obviously this will change once the tile is conquered. Both it and the adjoining three tiles are neutral territory and cannot be claimed in the deployment phase.

Good and Evil forces are all pitched against each other. Both Chaos powers want what lies in the mine for themselves. The Eldar wish to recover lost knowledge for the Black Library and will stop at nothing to prevent the other forces obtaining it. The Astartes wish to rid the planet of both Chaos and Xeno taint and destroy the heretical ruins.

If a Character is killed in a battle, roll on the Character Casualty Chart to determine the outcome for future battles.

Character Casualty Chart:

Modifiers: +1 for winning the battle -1 for loosing. +1 for any of the following fielded during your battle (not cumulative and must have survived)

Apothecary/Sanguinary Priest, Fabius Bile, Farseer, a Greater Daemon.

2D6 Result
2 Critically Injured / Banished to the Warp for you the war is over!

3 Crippled, Toughness is permanently halved for the campaign.

4 Seriously wounded, roll D6 for each stat on a 4+ that stat is reduced by 1 for the campaign.

5-6 Festering wound, character permanently loses one wound for the duration of the campaign.

7 Maimed, roll a D6 on a roll of 1-3 loose an eye -1BS for campaign on a 4+ loose a limb -1 WS.

8-9 Captured by the opposition and must be rescued. Sacrifice a tile takeover to rescue them.

10 Limps back to friendly lines, with nothing but wounded pride.

11 Crawls back through the bodies of his fallen men,gains preferred enemy against that player.

12 Heroically rises from certain death. +1 Ld for campaign(max 10) gains Eternal Warrior.



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