Saturday, 13 November 2010

After the Storm : My thoughts on the Stormraven

As most of you are probably aware by now, it would seem once again something has gone awry with the Games Workshop cogitators; either by fault or design (remember Palpatine allowed the rebels to know the location of the shield generator, he had an Empire too) and they have leaked a picture of the as yet unreleased Stormraven model. This was picked up by a number of hawkeyed 40k net-hounds; kudos guys and flashed around the world before a GW senior exec could cackle 'Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen....'

So now the debate echoes on many a forum and blog as to whether it is any good. With my Chapter being gold card carrying members of the Sanguinius family and thus having priority access to the Mechanicus high performance dealerships on Mars, I thought it only right that I chip in with my two pennies worth on this Hot Rod of the Machine God.

My first thoughts upon seeing the picture last night on BoLS? It'll hang in the air exactly the same way that bricks don't! (to paraphrase the great Douglas Adams).

It's pug ugly and no mistake, I was more than a little crestfallen at the sight of it and astounded that this was all the talent at GW could come up with after making us wait so long, especially after seeing some of the great kitbashed efforts peeps have managed in the interim. I had a sneaking suspicion that whoever designed it may have taken their inspiration from their child's Fisher Price toy.

The hull looks like a MkI Landraider without tracks, the cockpit was lifted off a JCB and the gun blister looks to be a bad afterthought.

But then I sat this evening and mulled the image over some more, it didn't look any prettier thats for sure; but I reminded myself, it's Imperial Tech, what ya gonna do? With most if not all the Imperiums motor pool and flight line we can see that the STC's were orginally created by the guys who made the Trabant!Take a look at the Stormravens big sister the Thunderhawk; not much of a looker either is she? More likely to break your wrist in an arm wrestle than waltz with you in the moonlight.

And slowly I began to smile and appreciate the craft we have been presented with; a picture popped into my head of an Adepta Sororitas being ushered by a combat squad of Marines under heavy fire towards the breached landing bay of a traitor vessel.They reach the bay and as las rounds sizzle past them she looks out from the gantry at the waiting Stormraven.

'You came in that thing? You're braver than I thought.'

I realised the Raven was in good company it comes from a long line of ships that may not look like much but have got it where it counts.

From that point on I was sold, sure I'll buy it, I would have done anyway but you know what? Now I think I'll like it.

You want sleek, smooth and high maintenance; go play with the Eldar. Me? I want a bird that's going to take me into town, stand back to back with me in a pub brawl and still be able to carry me home afterwards.


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Bix said...

Thanks mate for your support and for dropping by The Veil :o) Thumbs up for your Shrike conversion plus the rest of your work and also the outstanding wildlife photography; makes me want to travel again.

Spyrle said...

I had really thought it would look more like the CAESTUS ASSAULT RAM from forgeworld. Now that is well designed and very Imperial looking aircraft. I do admire your passion and maybe as time goes on, I'll grow to accept it a bit more. Of course I still don't like the Leman Russ tank either...

Bix said...

Hi Spyrle, yeah I agree the 'Ram' looks good and far more appropriate; I'll confess to a brief grumpy moment when I saw it at Games Day this year, I felt a bit cheated. One, we still hadn't got a main piece of wargear from our Codex release and two, now all the other Chapters would get airborne assault and before us! Well if they've got a hundred quid to spare.

They should have painted up the display model with nose art that said 'Stolen Thunder'. ;o)

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