Monday, 2 April 2012

Forge World Open Day 2012 : An Unexpected Journey

Due to a last minute outbreak of goodwill in the Departmento Munitorium (either that or a data loom blew out) I ended up with an unexpected day off today and as luck would have it, my darling wife suggested that I had earned enough brownie points for a day pass of my choice. There was only one place I needed to be and with a roll of here eyes she nodded understanding; 'Go on then, off you go to Weirdy World.'

So it was that I set out early doors for a journey up to Nottingham and the Warhammer World hosted event of Forge World Open Day. Here follows my account of the day, some scraps of information and a few photos...well you didn't just drop by for my charming banter did you?  ;o)

You can skip right to the good stuff beyond my handy waffle marker (see below).

First off I can say that the whole day was a much better experience than last years event; with thoughts of endless queues still a painful memory, I arrived extra early to a much smaller crowd and bright sunshine to accompany the wait.

The queue quickly built to the usual epic proportions, but doors were opened a good 15 minutes early and inside much to my surprise and relief the sales team had established a much larger retail area, taking up one whole side of the gaming hall and it appeared to be well staffed.

I can't speak for later on, there were certainly large queues right up to mid-day; but I was served within 20 minuets, quickly and efficiently. I thank you Forge World and my feet thank you, please let this be your S.O.P. from now on and I can leave the pitch fork and burning brand in the car on Games Day.

I picked up the 'event only' Imperial Enforcer with Cyber-Mastiff, which are both very nice even if they don't appear to signal a run on Arbites. The awesome Minotaurs character set (they'll be wearing Blood Drinker colours soon enough) and a Relic Contemptor.

The moths in my wallet breathed an audible sigh of relief when I found that the Stormeagle had already sold out, they weren't kidding when they said limited numbers! But as will be explained in a jiffy, I most likely wouldn't have bought it anyway.

The blessed expansion of the sales area meant that the design team had set up in a room beyond Bugmans, the staff canteen I think, this again was an improvement making the scrum to see the displays a little less frantic.

So what was on offer...?

Well first off the Stormeagle, after all it was a late entry surprise and I've spent the last few days moping over what an improvement on the Stormraven it is.

As expected (and hence the reason for the moths and £80 notes staying snug in my wallet) the Stormeagle will not be available to players of the Blood Angel Codex *sniff* or the Grey Knights. Those that will be able to get their lightning claws on them as a Fast Attack choice are players of Codex Space Marines, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars.

Chaos may also get a look in, as I think at least one of the Forge Worlds producing it was seized by Horus during the Heresy.

It's been play tested and there were experimental rules being handed out with the limited kits; here's a  rundown:

225points will get you a fast/skimmer with transport capacity of 20 models (with Terminators and Jump Infantry taking up 2 slots). x4 Access points.

BS 4 with 12 Armour all round.

Deep Strike/Assault Vehicle/Power of Machine Spirit

It's armed with a hull mounted twin linked Heavy Bolter and a hull mounted Vengeance Launcher and is equipped with Ceramite Plating.

Vengeance Launcher = 48" range, STR 5 AP 4 Heavy 2, Large Blast.

Heavy Bolter can be replaced with twin linked Multi Melta or Typhoon Missile Launcher. Upgrade wing mounts with either x4 Hellstrike missiles or x2 twin linked Las Cannons. You can also add a search light and extra armour.

As you can see from these two photos, the kit is a mix of Stormraven plastics and new resin sections and could, I suppose be used as a counts as Raven, if you prefer a far superior (albeit much more expensive) extended hull option alternative to the Chapter House Studios conversion kit.

 Next up was another flyer called an Avenger I think, for the Imperial Navy.

I didn't get any rules on this one, but there was mention of it being a dive bomber, which you can certainly see from the style; has the feel of a WWII Ju-87 Stuka.

A few new Space Marine miniatures including a couple of very nice looking Apothecaries who should be out in about a month and will come as a set.

And some Mk IV Assault Marines.

There was also a character weapon upgrade pack, on show on some of the new Tartaros Pattern Terminators.

Any old timers remember this baby from back in the day? I do, my efforts to convert it using the White Dwarf templates taught me that I wasn't going to be a master model maker.

Well those that did make it as master model makers have decided to do those less blessed a favour, the Spartan returns.

It's not been play-tested yet so it's a a little way off but, it'll probably have a transport capacity of 20-25 models and (fingers crossed) may well be available to all Marine Chapters; although I don't think the Sons of Sanguinius will get to drop it from a Thunderhawk.

Finally there was this...Dharrrr-Dum, Dharrrr-Dum, Dharrrr-Dum, Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum!

Well it was April Fools. My thanks to all the Forge World design team who took the time to answer questions and the rest of the staff who made it a great day.


Redscorps said...

April fools or not, I would purchase that space shark on a jet shark model just for laughs. It looks great and is almost a bit of a throwback to the lighthearted game that was 25 years ago.

Good coverage man, you got some decent shots of all the stuff I was interested in.

Bix said...

Cheers Redscorps, yeah there wasn't a huge amount of new stuff there that we didn't already know about but what they did have was top notch.

I hear you on the light heartedness, the grim dark needs some for balance otherwise it can get you down like watching an episode of Eastenders!

And that Space Shark was just lol cool.

Snake88 said...

This is by far the best rundown I've seen of the open day so far. I hadn't even realised that a Land Raider Spartan model was on display. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

Bix said...

Thanks for the very kind comments Snake88 and welcome to The Veil's Edge.

Yes I missed the Spartan first time round having got caught in a crowd by the Zone Mortalis display.

It was only when I had some time to kill waiting for the raffle draw (sadly the Titan was not to be mine) that I wandered back in and caught sight of the original and went to investigate.

Colonel_Scipio said...

I haven't yet had the chance to earn Brownie points for a day pass for any FW event, despite being only 20 miles away, but I feel like I was there now. Some great pictures, especially the Land Raider as Snake88 mentioned. Tanks a lot ... ha ha ha

Bix said...

Cheers C.S. you're very welcome and thanks for journeying out to The Veil's Edge.

As for brownie points, yeah my jar is again empty; so I've started collecting for Games Day. Looks like I'll be on washing up detail for the foreseeable. Oh how I suffer for the love of the Hobby! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Miffed you didn't mention it and drop by for a cuppa! *Grrrrr!*

Bix said...

So miffed you didn't post using your profile Tomo?

Or is that Naughty Nina from Notts? If so, I'm married blast you, go stalk someone else & leave me be! Lol.

Sorry mate, as the title states it was an unexpected journey; very last min.

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