Friday, 28 October 2011

Death Company Progress

Following the encouraging result with my test miniature, I've finally pressed on with a few more Death Company. As you can see I'm using some older incarnations at the moment (I think these guys are late 90's 3rd edition sculpts) mainly because I've still got a stock of them laying around the Forge, I hate to waste them especially when it means a few quid saved.

But also, with the addition of weapons and jump packs from the new sprues I think they hold up pretty well; I've even located some 2nd edition sculpts that will hopefully cut the mustard given similar treatment.

Pestie has been digging through his extensive Bitz Box *envious* to supply me a few more of the old lead shoulder pads so I should be able to start work on another batch very soon.

As usual, please excuse the quality of the pics, one day I really must get round to reading some tutorials on how to photograph miniatures.


Dalinair said...

Looking good, I like your method of highlighting black, something I have always had problems with.

Bix said...

Many thanks Dalinair, yeah this is the first time I've tried this particular method, I usually end up highlighting too much and too big an area, ending up with a grey looking finish.

This time I went with a less is more approach (partly because I'm so damn slow and want to find ways to speed up my output) and just used an Army Painter 'Insane Detail' brush to highlight the extreme edges of the armour with GW 'Shadow Grey'.

Cheers for taking the time to comment and welcome to the Veil's Edge.

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